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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Discover HisTrue Hidden Message When He Says 'I'm Not Ready For a Relationship'

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There's a man you really like in your life. He's sweet, funny and very sexy. And, he seems to like you a lot too. Unfortunately, during one of your conversations, he's told you: I'm not ready for a relationship. What does he truly mean? What is the message behind his message?
I know it's hard for most women to understand this. But men are truly very straight-forward and direct with their words. So when he says I'm not ready for a relationship, he is being honest with you. And you should appreciate him for his honesty. Because wouldn't you agree that it's better that he tells you the truth, rather than lie and make you think that he is?
To a man, having a relationship comes with commitment, sacrifices, loss of freedom, responsibility, the need to live up to a woman's expectations, etc. So, when he says he's not ready for a relationship, he means that he's not ready to give up his freedom to date you exclusively yet. This doesn't necessarily mean that he hasn't thought about it, and is not considering it. It simply means he's not ready to make a decision yet.
A smart man will weigh the pros and cons first, before making a decision - especially a big decision like whether or not to get into an exclusive relationship with a woman. A good quality man is not just going to jump into making a decision. And that's a good thing... because you don't want to be stuck in a relationship with a thoughtless man who makes rash decisions - without considering the consequences first, right? At the very least, the man you're dating, is telling you that he is mature enough to think things through before making a commitment to a relationship. So if in the future, if he does decide to be in a relationship with you, you will know that it's because he's thought about it seriously, is more likely to honor his decision, and is less likely to change his mind.
But what if he's already having sex with you?
It is much easier for a man to have sex without feeling the desire to be in a committed relationship, because men are able to separate the two feelings. So if a man has sex with you, but says he's not ready for a relationship yet, you need to understand that continuing to have sex with him, is probably the worst way to get him to commit to having an exclusive relationship with you - no matter how great the sex he's having with you is. You need to let him know that you can't have sex with him unless you think there's a future with him, and stick to it. Otherwise, he won't respect you. And if a man doesn't respect you, he definitely isn't going to give up dating other women for you, and eventually marry you.

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