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Friday, April 1, 2011

Factors That May Be Responsible For His Low Sexual Acts Drive

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You and your spouse  have had great sex all along. It's like he is always ready for lift off once you whisper in his ears. However, you gradually notice that things are not what they used to be. His does not want sex as often as he used too and sometimes he does not want it at all. You are hurt. You feel rejected. Before you jump into conclusion below are some things you should consider first:-
Plain Tired
After a long hard day at work or after very demanding or strenuous exercise, the guy is just plain old tired. This has the effect of dropping his hormone levels and he is just not there physically and mentally and could fall asleep anytime. When he is tired and is still trying to make an effort to get the show on the road, the concern that his tiredness will affect his performance actually helps push the lack of arousal over the edge, leading to frustration for you both. Best way to handle this situation- let sleeping dogs lie.
Bringing Work Home
Sometimes people bring work home just to catch up and finish a deadline they have to meet. For some it is a constant thing they always bring work home and it quickly becomes an enemy of the bedroom. When a man brings his work home, he does not realize it, but he is not ready to play. His mind is wrapped around the work he has to do, and is not interested in what you are throwing at him. The best way is to always wrap up work at work and head home for home activities. I am yet to see the guy that took his spouse to work to continue where they left off at home in his office.
When your guy is on pills for one ailment or the other it might actually reduce his sex drive. Medications for treatment of some condition could reduce his sex drive by driving down the testosterone levels. If your man is on any medication, try  to find out what the side effects are, and remember he can always check with his doctor.
Substance Abuse
Remember, too much of anything is bad. While a  few drinks may get you relaxed and maybe remove some inhibitions. Indulging in drugs or alcohol is not only bad for your overall health but will pour cold water over your sex drive. Say no to drugs
Cheating On You
It is sad but true; in most cases the last person to find out about a cheating spouse  is you, the person being cheated on. When all the above mentioned causes of low sex drive have been removed from the equation, then this is the one you have to look into, is he cheating? When trying to find out, brace yourself for the outcome. It's rarely a happy day.

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