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Monday, April 18, 2011

He Wants You To Text Him!

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It's tough when you are wanting to hear back from a man and he hasn't gotten back in touch with you. I know you want him to text you and of course you want to hear his voice. You want to know he feels the same and you're wondering if you should text him.
I want you to stop feeling confused because when you're unsure, you are more prone to make huge mistakes. Put all of your worries out of your mind right now for even a few moments and focus on what I'm about to tell you.
There is a way to connect with a man that doesn't make it seem like you're chasing him or being the pursuer. This is exactly what you want to avoid. You're afraid you'll come across as needy and desperate so this is why you're stuck between your feelings of attraction and not hearing back from him.
But you can't help feeling anxious over not hearing back from him because you really hit it off and maybe he even said somethings to you that made you feel as though he could be your dream man.
In addition, it can be very confusing if he kept on pursuing you and now you're wondering what's going on. Why hasn't he called back? Why did he stop texting you?
As I mentioned before, there is a secret way to text a man without appearing desperate. You have to know what other women say to men to get their attention without looking like the pursuer. Guys know when a woman is trying too hard. And you don't want to come across as the woman who is begging for his attention. So you have to understand how to have the kind of mindset behind texting him in order for you to appear confident and attractive.
Picture this: a man receives your text and he feels EVEN more attraction for you than he felt when you first met. He's happy to hear from you. Your text puts a smile on his face. He begins thinking about you the whole day and he wants to hear more. You seem together, flirty, and in control. You know what to say and how long to wait before you reply.
You can text a man when you haven't heard back from him but there is a way to do it that won't make you seem like you're sitting by the phone waiting to hear back from him.
Here's what men want you to know: It's not whether you should text them but IF you know how to trigger an emotional attraction that makes you come off as desirable instead of desperate.
You have at least one last chance to make a huge impression and you don't want to blow your chance. You don't want to end up blaming yourself for making mistakes. You want to know exactly what to say when you text him and what to do when he replies.


Charitybabe said...

How can this perfect timed text be achieved?

Love said...

When he least expect it. A man who has been making all efforts to get your attention will be happy to know that you care