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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Sensitive Men Get Jealous in A Relationship

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It is not obvious that man is a sensitive person in relationships. Though women are the most expressive with their feelings, men express it too but in a different way.
They say men who are secretive and not expressive outside are the one's sensitive and romantic inside. Barely you can see a man cry in front of his girl and give her goosebumps. Men are supposed and expected to be robust and masculine to prove to women that they are strong for them.
Some women love these type of guys who show the real sensitive side. It is a pleasing way to show affection and care and it is easier for the relationship to grow and communicate. But some women may not like sensitive men. They feel that the relationship may seem so dramatic and that they always have the hold to their affair when supposed to be their man should do it that way.
When problems come up like jealousy in relationships, guys act different ways to show that they are jealous. For sensitive men, they may not show it by telling you frankly what they feel. But instead, they show it by how they speak and in their body language. Oftentimes, men only get jealous to boys who are spending lots of time to their girl.
Men are quiet when they get upset. They don't give hugs or annoy you like what you usually do. They sometimes ask questions which are irrelevant. They don't give an angry tone. Instead, they give short lines and frequent pauses in a conversation to make you think that something is wrong. If you ask them if they're jealous, they'll give NO as an answer. But apparently, they really are. Then they'll come up saying they just don't want a guy to take advantage of you.
It is somehow your man's indirect way of showing he cares. Sometimes, you should be happy about that because it proves that you mean something to him. He doesn't want to lose you for some other guy.
For vocal men, jealousy is expressed by telling you straight what is wrong and what they didn't like on that day. One advantage for vocal men is that you are able to solve the problem in an instant since communication is clear. Yet they are less likely to be the romantic ones. They are quite not affectionate upon conversation.
It is normal for guys to act like that but too much of it could also be something not to be happy about. Both secretive and outspoken men could over react and may result to a feud in a relationship especially if conversed not in the right time. Nonetheless, men doesn't treat jealousy in relationships as something to talk about. They let it pass like it's no big deal. But they are human, they would sometimes feel that too. So for women, just be sensitive to your man's feelings too.

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