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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Survive Breakup

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Dealing with a breakup is rarely easy on either party, especially when a lot of time and emotion has been invested into the relationship. It is important to remember that sometimes no matter the efforts we make, or the dedication we put into a romance, not all relationships are meant to be. This is no reflection on your ability to have and maintain a relationship; the two of you just weren't meant to be. Knowing that one simple fact, can help you begin the road to recovery, and back on the path to your true love.
There will be many emotions and feelings while you are dealing with your breakup. One of the most common feelings is the sense of deep loss. Even when the relationship was unsatisfying, or toxic, you can feel the feeling of loss. The painful and bad times may even be forgotten or overpowered by this emotion, so much that those couples will get back together and breakup several times. This roller coaster will only add to the feeling of loss, as you will be re-investing into this relationship. Both of you know deep inside that this romance is doomed, and not healthy, but many couples will continue this path of self destruction. It is important to realize that you are not getting rid of the sad feelings, you are only prolonging your pain and suffering, and even forcing yourself to experience them over and over again.
The road to recovering from a breakup may be a long one. Keep this in mind as you move through your healing process. This will be even more apparent to you if you run into each other from time to time. It is not beneficial to you to try to avoid the lost lover at all costs, it is actually good for you to see them and even experience that sinking feeling in your stomach just when you thought you were completely healed. This keeps you on the road to health, and prepares you as an individual for your real relationship. But don't try to see them, just let life happen as it needs to. And most importantly, don't get involved in their life and what they are doing once you break up. It does not matter how soon they begin dating again, or who they are seeing. It is only important that you move on and learn from your mistakes. Remember that in your lifetime, you will experience many opportunities to learn, and this includes learning relationships. This is to prepare you to be the person you are capable of being so that you attract the person you deserve to be with. That is very important to understand. If you do not grow as a person, you will continue to attract the same type of person and misery into your life.
Once you have begun to deal with your breakup, and recognize it as a learning relationship, you can now begin to focus on you. This is the fastest way and best way to get over a bad relationship. Get out and do things. Do some of the things that you have been putting on the back burner. Join a gym, or an outdoors group or anything that interests you. It is important for you to grow and develop as an individual, and there is not a better time to do this than now.  You need to find activities and hobbies that you enjoy by yourself . It will likely be those activities that you begin to love and enjoy that provide you with the opportunity to find your special person. If that happens, then you already have common interests with this person. But this is not your goal right now, your focus is to find your own self, and find happiness in who you are.

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