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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Man Can't Commit-Why?

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You've been dating a man for sometime now, and things are going great. You have fun together, you feel an obvious connection with him and the two of you seem to care a lot for each other. In your eyes, it seems like everything is going so well and this is a good reason to take your relationship to the next level, and be an exclusive couple. However, when you bring the subject up, the man in your life suddenly starts back peddling and telling you he is not ready. Now you wish you had never brought up the subject because it's driving you nuts. Why can't a man commit? What is holding him back. There could be so many reasons why a man can't commit.
  1. He could have been hurt before and doesn't feel ready to trust another woman with his feelings;
  2. He could be afraid of losing his freedom;
  3. He could be afraid of what happens after he commits to you;
  4. He could even be afraid that he's just not good enough for you, and won't be able to make you happy.

But ultimately, the only reason you need to know right now, is that a man can't commit because he doesn't really have any good reason to. And frankly, it also means that he's really not that into you. When a man is serious about a woman, he finds a way to get over all his hang-ups, just so he can hold onto her. But he will only do this if he thinks you are a woman who is so unique, so special, so undeniably different, that it will be his loss if he doesn't hang on to you.
At this point, you may start wondering: What can I do to become that kind of woman to him? In the beginning, you may think that you need to become a detective, and to directly ask him what he's looking for in an ideal wife. But that is really going about it the wrong way. Because: Men can't explain it except that it's a feeling.

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