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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Solid Explanation Why Men Leave Women

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So why do men leave women? How can he change his mind so quickly? How can he go from someone who loved you a lot to someone who doesn't even want to be with you anymore?
Well this isn't something which happens overnight as most women assume. If your man has decided to leave you then the whole process must have started quite some time ago.
And there could be several reasons for that. Let's discuss this in a bit more detail...
Possible reason #1 - The relationship isn't fulfilling enough anymore...
And when I say it's not fulfilling enough, I am not talking about you but rather him. When a man decides to leave a woman one of the major contributing factors to this decision is the level of fulfillment and satisfaction he is getting out of the relationship.
Do you know what every man wants in a relationship? No, it's not a big list of things. All he wants is to FEEL GOOD. That's it!
Yes, it's really that simple. As long as he feels good in your company he will never ever think about leaving you. But you see in most relationships it starts of really well but then it gets to a point where everything is just extremely negative. And that's the point when the relationship starts to crumble.
Here are some of the things which can cause this -
  • Having very high expectations and asking him to live up to them.
  • Trying to change or fix him.
  • Trying to push him into doing things he normally doesn't want to do.
  • Complaining, arguing, nagging etc.

I am sure that you are thinking - Well what if he is wrong? What if it's all, his fault? Well if that's the case then why do you want to be with someone like that anyway? Why are you even reading this?
And we are actually discussing why do men leave women and that's the topic of this article so let's keep it at that for the time being.
Possible reason #2 - Attraction has died...
I am sure you are well aware of the saying that attraction always wears off after a while. You can't be all crazy about the same person after being together for some time. Well, let me tell you - This is one of the major reasons why men leave women.
Attraction isn't really a choice. It's not something one can choose to feel and it only occurs by itself.
I am sure you've had days where you just didn't feel enough attraction for your partner. But you see the main problem starts when you start having those days consistently.
If your man consistently feels a level of boredom in the relationship where there is absolutely no spark whatsoever, he is very likely to leave you.
Here are some of the things which cause it -
  • Following the same old boring routine and not doing anything new.
  • Not trying new things with your man including sexual things.

Sometimes you have to go back to your old self and be the person your man first fell in love with. Attraction will only last when you are willing to make the right amount of effort.
Possible reason # 3- You have become just too NEEDY...
Have you ever heard of the saying - "A relationship only lasts when it's balanced?"
What do you think this statement actually means? What is balance really? Well a relationship is termed as balanced when both the partners need each other equally.
But when one partner becomes needier than the other, it creates a level of imbalance in the relationship. And this imbalance can lay the foundation of a possible breakup.
Really think about it...When you start needing your man for every little thing, you will indirectly come across as a very demanding woman and he will feel the burden to fulfill those demands which is never a good thing.
Men want to be free even when they are in a relationship.
Important points -
  • Just like you expect positive things from your relationship, so does your man. The only way to make him stay is to keep things positive.
  • Don't make him feel trapped by being too demanding; learn to keep his needs in mind as well before your own.
  • Whenever you feel that your relationship is starting to feel a bit boring, make it a habit to do something fresh or new. This will bring the spark and attraction back.

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