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Friday, April 8, 2011

You Can Create Love Everlasting

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Love everlasting, really?
We all come into this world with our own needs and desires. Each unique person defines each new relationship. No two people are alike as no two relationships are ever alike.
Everlasting love remains something that connects us all. Like in a team analogy, we need to work together to succeed. Everlasting love is what we all desire and it is up to each individual person to keep the embers burning.
Putting expectations on the other person, can be so limiting, when really it is our own perceptions. Not the relationship itself to blame but perhaps a flaw in our thinking, that they should have reacted the way you would have reacted? There are those "shoulds" again.
Maybe your shift of focus is no longer on whats good and is now on what is annoying? If you were to change your perception you could then change your disappointment perhaps?
If you dwell on what is wrong with your relationship you will keep drawing what's wrong towards you, again and again and again. The responsibility is yours in every moment to create the everlasting love that you so desire. You are either contributing to your relationship at any given moment or you're contaminating your relationship at any give moment.
You get to choose what you want to create. Contributing to your relationship rather than contaminating it, by projecting out your own pain on to the other person, helps create love everlasting as you live in each moment, creating your tomorrows.
Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? This is worth pondering when the results are love everlasting.
Never assume within your relationships because in the absence of knowing what is going on we tend to make up what is going on and this can be very dangerous when trying to create love everlasting. When we start making up stuff it is so easy for us to react to our fears rather than respond to what is really the truth.
This can inevitably send you spiraling away from the very love everlasting that you are trying to create in your relationship, really fast. Decide to never assume today as a lifestyle worth living and it can change your relationship completely for the better. Instead choose the path of truth. It will always serve you well, to a life of love everlasting and a quality of life well lived.

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