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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Want To Know The Joy of Falling in Love-Go To Details

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Why do we want to fall in love? Because the sensation of being in love makes us feel complete as well as emotionally and sexually satisfied. When everything goes right, days drift by in a dreamy haze of happiness and contentment. Can humankind imagine life without love?
How many poems, songs, novels and movies have been created by one theme - romantic love? I believe human beings are designed to love and be loved. It is like a special meaning of our existence. What is falling in love?
This is a correlation of emotions, feelings and hormones that suddenly recharge us and bring enduring quality to our lives. It is like two batteries where the polarity of plus and minus makes something alive and energizes us to move in a new direction, coupled with excitement, feeling rejuvenated, attractive, wanted and fabulous. Moreover, to have a loving relationship is rewarding for many aspects of our life. Really it underpins our wellbeing and remedies the sense of loneliness when no one special is in our life.
And what next... here is a secret revealed: Yes, falling in love may be the most celebrated aspect of a relationship. But sometimes it might be a challenge to create harmony in a loving relationship.
"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition." (A. Smith)
It should be simple: We fall in love, create a nest in our home, we make babies, and live together happily ever after. Oops...not always does it go according to the desired plan. There could be many reasons why it doesn't.
"Recent research has indicated that people need to understand the importance of having the ability to consciously evaluate the compatibility of a potential partner." (D. Steele)
Crucial parts of a dating journey are to clarify what a successful relationship means and what each person is willing to contribute to create a happy relationship. To establish such a relationship involves several factors. For example, a vision of each partner moving in the same direction, taking into account all the responsibilities of living together and meeting each other's needs in the relationship.
Sometimes people who fall in love can fail to measure the personal traits of compatibility by denying the reality of the true situation because they might idolize a new partner. Then it becomes necessary to evaluate the situation before stepping into "deeper water". By letting the heart rule the head can sometimes lead to a reliance on luck or chance, in much the same way as trying to win the "international lottery".
Therefore understanding how to be masterful in dating and relationship skills is essential for a rewarding relationship. Believe me, there are millions of singles out there, each searching for that special person. It might be that someone is searching for a person just like you already. How can you meet your future partner if you don't begin your dating journey today?

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