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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Your Man Will Get Commited in Your Relationship If You Use These Methods

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Are you in a loving and caring relationship? Yet your partner has not committed himself to you fully. Maybe he has not asked for your hand in marriage and you have had many rounds of sex together. He is like many other millions that are phobic and afraid of commitment.
These relationship tips will make you get your man to commit himself:
1. Always make it easy for him to confide in you. Listen to whatever he has to tell you without criticizing him. He wants to be sure he is safe to tell you his problems and experiences. He may decide to tell you or ask for your advice on confidential and private issues when he realizes he is safe with you.
2. Make him feel special by showing him that you love only him. Avoid asking about his level or wealth in the initial stage of your relationship so that, he will not believe you are going into relationship with him because of his pedigree. Always congratulate him whenever he is successful and share in his pains when required. All these will make him open up unless he is secretive which is a bad sign.
3. Be natural: Try to open up and do not conceal your tastes, likes or dislikes. If you are sharing ideas and he mentions new things or names you have never heard, you need not pretend as if you know them. You should be free to express your mind. Do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure or fear by starting out with lies.
4. Let your man knows he has his freedom. Your man may feel threatened and unsecured if you want him to change his routines. Make him to understand that he can still see his old folks along. He should be made to know that you are neither taking over his life nor dictating to him.
5. Avoid making him jealous. He will see this as a device of building interest in you. He is likely to commit into the relationship if he finds out that you are loyal and faithful basically because you see him as the most attractive and charming man in the world. Do not discuss your past relationship, even if he wants. This may likely make him doubt you in future.
6. Man love affirming their senses of maleness by fixing everything in your house. Do not allow this to go far. If your man is the type that likes spoiling their women financially, do not encourage him, so that he will have a little respect for you and will not see you as a burden. Do not present yourself as a costly material. Get most of your fixing done by a hired hand.
7. After few months into your relationship, discuss meeting his relatives, friends and anyone important to him. If he agrees to do this, it simply shows his commitment, an important step into an everlasting relationship. A man that does not want to marry you will not make you interact with his relatives. He will be happy to have you as a wife when he sees how you interact with the precious very precious to him. His making you part of his social life shows his commitment towards you and the relationship.
If you use these methods with care, he will surely sing a new song that will promote your relationship to marriage.

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