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Friday, May 6, 2011

5 Tips to Help You Create Impression on Woman

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If you are here just to see what the trends currently are, sit back and enjoy, if you are here to learn close all the other doors to your brain except the romantic one and focus. Pleasing a woman is no cup of tea. Especially, when no two women are alike, you certainly cannot rely on a certain formula to impress or please them. However, there is something you can do your best. Be yourself. Women dig reality and individuality in a man. Emulating someone or inculcating a culture in yourself that you do not belong to is a complete turn off for women. 

Here are a few tips for all those ignorant men who have no clue how to please a woman in the right way: 

1. As I have mentioned before, you need to be real. You need to enhance your strong points and showcase your special talents and instantly be the reason to lighten up an atmosphere and have no room for boredom. 

2. Although, men are likely not to talk much, times seem to have changed and there are a few who blabber around with a big mouth. Doesn't matter the kind of knowledge you possess, keep something to yourself and never give the impression to your audience that you are smarter than them all. You need to connect with women in an utmost modest manner, of course not seeming too low on confidence either. 

3. Talking about confidence, having that to a certain limit makes you the center of attention and that is what you need now when you are willing to know how to please a woman. Women, generally, like men who can gather attention due to special skills, it could be as simple as communication, and be able to keep them interested with witty dialogues now and then. 

4. Where there is wit there should be humor. Humor, a healthy and sensible one, is always on top of the charts on how to please a woman. You would be termed ‘gifted' if humor is one of your prominent qualities as making a woman laugh would be your brownie point on how to please a woman. 

5. Automobile or electronic gadgets may not impress your woman right away but if you apply them on to help out a woman or guide a woman she may be impressed on your proactive helping nature as well as technologically equipped trendy behavior. 

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