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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do You Know What He Wants?

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What does this mean for women who are having difficulty with their relationship or who have recently broken up?
Basically, women think men have affairs with their secretary, woman at work or someone they meet when they are out because they are "Hot" or "Younger" or that the other woman has physical attributes that they themselves don't have or lack. This is not what your man is looking for and not what your man wants.
A man wants to be noticed, if he is having an affair it's because he is craving attention, admiration and, quite frankly, wants to be loved.
When at home, men, as a rule, tend to feel nagged, moaned at and criticised. At work, he is important. He is respected for his abilities, recognised as being important. At home, unless his partner recognises his needs, he becomes invisible, and sees no reason why he should take out the rubbish, wash up the dishes etc this is not what he thinks (Even if he does say we are all equal) a man should be doing. This is not what your man wants.
Show him you care
If a man is not respected at home, not admired, not noticed, he becomes an easy target for any woman who makes him feel attractive, respected and most importantly, wanted. Do you want your man, do you still love him, and do you really want to know what your man wants and how to keep him.
Cloak him in your armour
When a woman makes her man feel wanted and admired she cloaks him in her own "Anti mistress" armour. This is because most men would do almost anything to keep his queen. The woman he dreams of and he knows will stand by him if he falls in battle.
The workplace is a battlefield
Don't underestimate today's workplace, it's as much a battlefield for your man as any battlefield of the past. He fights every day to bring home the wages to pay the bills and to make a quality life for his woman and himself. Ultimately, what your man wants is to be your hero.
If you really want to know what your man wants, it's you. You when you first met, when you admired him, loved him and showed it. Is your relationship a bit stale? Are you showing him the attention you showed when you first met, do you still admire him, do you still want him?
If you answer yes to the questions above, you need to think about your part in the relationship. Ask yourself, are you prepared to do the following:
· Show him respect.
· Pay him the attention he wants'
· Admire him for who he is, not who you want him to be
· Be there for him when he needs you, even if he has difficulty asking for help
If you are prepared to do the above, you will be giving your man what he wants'. If you are not,  someone else will.

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