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Monday, May 2, 2011

Do You Want To Get Him Back? These Might Be The Reason Why He Lost His Attraction For You

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Remember the times when you felt really close to your man and he was showing you how much he cared about you? How would you like to get that back?
Right now your self-esteem and confidence is probably at an all time low because your relationship is on the rocks and you're wondering what to do to turn it around. The reason why you're in so much pain is because of all of the good times you had with him but now it feels as though you can't recover from this. You're wondering how to get things back on track, how to get past the hurt, pain, fear or anger.
Because you are feeling unhappy right now, it may seem impossible for you but I want to share with you the top reasons why he lost his interest in you and how to turn this around.
2 Top Reasons He Lost His Attraction:
1. Drama
There are a few things that act like a plague in relationships and it is the inability for women to control their emotions. Whether it's anger, fear, misunderstanding or resentment, most women just don't understand how to be emotionally attractive to men. It is very difficult for them to control their emotions in the face of what is taking place in their relationship. If you want to have power in your relationship, learn to cultivate inner power so that you aren't the kind of woman who's pushing him away from you. You can get his attention back if you give up drama.
2. Emotional Baggage
If you haven't dealt with your past relationship baggage correctly, you will always bring it in your present relationship. More than likely all of your feelings of insecurity seeped in. Your man may have seen you react to him around something that wasn't very important or your response towards him made him see you differently. It took sometime to get to where you are now, it didn't just happen overnight. You were painting a picture in his mind and creating an idea of what your future could be with him in a way where he didn't want to be apart of it.

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