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Monday, May 16, 2011

Finding Real Love! The Secret

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Have you been working hard to finding your soul mate but come up empty time and again? Have you attracted the wrong people in your life? You may wonder does real people ever find a soul mate, or is that something of a fairy tale?
People everywhere want to know the secret in finding a soul mate. The secret to finding real love begins with our state of mind.
To achieve this state of mind, you must cultivate two important qualities.
The first one is to learn to love your self and the other is to trust the Universe or the higher power. Many people find these to be very challenging although it sounds so simple. In fact, learning to love oneself and trusting the Universe or higher power is a life long process.
The challenge with learning to love oneself stems from your negative beliefs from your past conditioning about yourselves. These are some of the messages that you receive like "you are not good enough"
You may receive these messages subtlety or directly, these can affect how you feel about yourselves and how you feel about the people around you.
If you are struggling with self-love, you can reprogram your mind with affirmations.
An affirmation is a statement expressing a desired outcome that you say to yourself. It puts you in a frame of mind and keeps your mind focused on your outcome.
When used repetitiously, it is firmly embedded in your subconscious mind. Hence, eventually it becomes a reality.
These are important pointers when giving yourself affirmations.
1) Use the affirmations in the "Now" or "Present" tense. Phrase them as if they are occurring in the now. รข€¨Example; 
  • I was born to learn to love myself more, and to share that love with people around me.
2) Focus your affirmations in positive terms of what you want. Your brain picks up the words literally. For instance, when someone tells you 'Do not think of a blue chicken' what are you thinking of next?
I love myself and I naturally attract loving relationships into my life.
3) Select affirmations that resonate with you most, as it will etch deep into your subconscious mind.
4) Energy follows thought. Your intention is foremost important and hence when you say the affirmations, maintain your energy on the intentions.
5) Say the affirmations in the alpha brain wave, which is the optimal brain wave. Before you begin the affirmation, relax your mind and body with deep breathing.
6) Affirmations are most powerful when combined with visualizations. While you say the affirmations, visualized by playing a mental movie, this gives you the energy.
Trust that the Universe or higher power delivers is the other important quality to cultivate.
Working with the Universe can be a personal experience and a personal process. Through prayer and meditation are the two effective methods for building a relationship with a higher power or Higher Consciousness.
As you develop a deeper connection to the universe, you allow the law of attraction to take place.
You must develop a positive mindset to achieve a desired result!

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