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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Forcing Someone to Love You Might Be Devastating!

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Love is a very powerful thing. you will do things that you have never thought that you could do. Love can either make you happy or make you sad or worse it will make you insane, the kind of love that consumes you. Have you ever experienced loving someone and that someone doesn't love you back? It is painful and so depressing. I know you might have experienced it, and I know how you feel.
Forcing someone to have the same feelings for you is really tough because love is not something where you can just pick it up, put it in your heart and then instantly that person loves you back. Love happens when you least expect it. Sometimes, you don't even know that you already love someone. You can never force someone or anyone to love you back. 
It is not worth your time and effort to indulge yourself to someone who won't be able to return the love that you feel for them. You might get hurt if you keep on forcing yourself on someone.
Here's an advice, try focusing your attention to different things or activities that will occupy your time, for example indulge in a new sport. Do not limit yourself open up to the world and you will see, a lot more beautiful things out there. There might be other people out there ready to love you completely where you don't need to force them, who accepts you for who you are and loves you totally. Just open your eyes and maybe you'll see you might be focusing yourself on one person and not noticing another who really loves you.

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