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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Get Your Man to Propose to You

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Warning: We are talking of a real relationship based on genuine love here! (Not going about experimenting sex that might ruin one's life). However to prevent HIV and STDs abstinence is still the best option. 
Have you been with your boyfriend for some time already but he did not propose yet? Did you try "everything" but still have no results or even hints that he might ask for your hand? No worries, there's a way to get your man to finally propose. Here are a few simple steps.
First, you have to understand your man better. Is he in the market at all? Is he afraid of commitment, having children or just not that into you to want to marry you? There can be many reasons stopping a guy from proposing. It can be a financial reason (he has no money for a wedding/children etc.) or he's afraid of how married life might end up like.
Your job is to make sure he doesn't feel like he'll be in a "cage" once you get married and that he'll keep on getting the best possible sex even years after you get married. The path to getting a guy to propose is a step by step path.
Next - I'll tell you ladies the cold hard truth: Amazing sex can get most guys on their knees saying "Would you marry me?" If you can give him the best sex of his life, and truly appreciate every inch of his body, appreciate him as a man, for his efforts, and if you truly want him to succeed, he'll consider you a kind of woman he wants to keep forever.
The core of a good relationship and marriage is great sex, so, before you get married and get him to propose your first goal should be great sex, since after that everything else is a routine. Whatever you want from him after that will be a lot easier. Men are simple, so don't complicate it. Sure, some are harder to conquer, especially if they have a big choice of women other than you that could please them better. Looks and sex are not everything, but they are a baseline, no matter how shallow this may sound - it's the truth.
So how do you give him that amazing sex? Simply - do what most other women don't do. He should get the best pleasure in bed with you and no other women. Make him feel like a King and feel like you really appreciate him and that you would make a great wife, especially if he knows that all this great sex will not stop once you finally get married. Since that's what many men out there are afraid of and what they hear from their married guy friends.
Tell him you love him and that you'd like to be with him forever, that you love pleasing him and that it makes you happy and that you want to keep on doing that forever as well, since it turns you on more than anything to keep him happy and satisfied. This all may sound crazy, but it's reality and a base that you need to build so that it will be much easier to get him to propose. If you can get this right, every other part of the process will be far simpler.

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