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Monday, May 23, 2011

Improving the Quality of Your Love Life Using Nature

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Do you love nature? I mean getting out, taking photos, traveling?
Every moment you separate from that can be torture. I mean, most of the happiest people you meet live or work in nature, so why not you?
Over 3.5 billion people live in cities on this planet. Most crave nature. Some escape into their sport or garden to experience it for a few moments a day, but is that enough?
Statistics show, we're becoming less and less happy and doing more and more crazy stuff to deal with it. I mean, do you really think sitting behind a computer screen or mobile phone is going to nourish your soul like a walk in nature? I don't think so.
So what to do?
Sea change... Hill change... Retirement to a life sitting around worrying about nothing is not an option. It drives most people nuts, or at the least, to trivia.
So, where do we go? We classically go to TV.
We're escaping more and more into virtual reality, and this is great, an alternative reality to one devoid of nature is better than a reality constantly stressed... But it's still not nature, and it's still not ideal.
Take a sad person to nature and they're still sad. Take an in the head corporate person to nature and they're still talking about yesterday or tomorrow. Just because we go on holiday or go out into nature it doesn't mean we're going to relax and absorb it. No, nature doesn't bend our arm and say, "TURN UP."...
So, it's not so much the being in nature that makes the difference, actually, it doesn't make a huge difference. What makes a difference is how we think in nature.
The wonderful thing about this discovery is that we can bring nature with us. If it's a way of thinking that nature causes and creates happiness, why not package it.
Here are a few suggestions so you can import nature into your heart and mind and therefore take it anywhere.
Don't be self righteous. 
The self righteous person is absolutely disconnected to nature.( only you is right no other person ) There are two sides, balance, in nature, self righteousness is a half truth, imbalanced personality. Don't be self righteous, have an opinion but think twice before you speak.
Be grateful.
The thankful person is not selective about what they thank. Selective thankfulness is poison because it's covering unthankfulness about other stuff. Instead, find the blessings in everything that happens and try to be thankful even when it's not what you wanted.
Generosity is karmic. One can't give enough but all giving done with a return in mind is discounted giving. Generosity means to give more than you get. If someone pays you for one hour, give them two. If someone gives you kindness give them three in return. Give more than you get, without hope of repayment, simply earn the reward of generosity and you'll be in nature.
To be yourself, think for yourself. One can easily become a robot in a world designed to make everyone the same as everyone. To be creative, think for yourself. All organized religions, consumer ideas and brands are designed to kill creativity and birth conformity. To be creative one doesn't have to reject mass consciousness one can simply be thankful for it, and, at the same time, question it.
 Don't be afraid to love, it's like generosity, the more you do, the better you'll be connected to nature. 

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This a good way of life.