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Friday, May 6, 2011

Is Your Relationship Going Somewhere?

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One of the saddest circumstances to be caught up in is a relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Each party has just sort of snuggled into a stalemate pattern. It is almost like being in limbo. 
This type of situation is a life waster. Years go by where couples are merely content. Love surely is not meant to be this way. Also, it doesn't mean that the spark of love has gone out, but it does mean though it needs to be fanned where it will burn brightly once again. It isn't going to happen though unless you recognize the problem and take some steps in the right direction.
First you need to determine that the feelings that are still there are mutual. You don't want to be wasting efforts with a partner who has no interest in salvaging a loving relationship. This can only be determined with a heart to heart talk. Most often in a relationship that has become complacent, there haven't been any real talks in a very long time. This is a good starting point.
Once you are sure that there are feelings there to be rekindled, then you have two steps to take.
The first step:
Is to draw attention to yourself once again. Take a walk down memory lane. What was it about you that drew your partner to you in the first place? Now you may be thinking it was your good looks, or your great figure that isn't so great anymore, but these features are just the calling cards. They are really not what triggers the love. If they did, and the love is lost because you don't possess them anymore, then your partner isn't worth having. You now have to create an attraction with what you have now. If you have gotten into the habit of serving dinner in your normal gown, then how about dressing a little bit sexy. Start taking some subtle steps to make yourself more romantic.
The second step:
Take a hard look at your partner. What was it that they had that you found so appealing. Look deep for this once again, because its still there, you have just lost it. Start focusing on these, and when its close to the time for your partner to come home, think about these and you will pre-set the mood.
These are the starters. If you continually focus on all the old flame starters you will start looking for some that are in the here and now. Before you know you may have rekindled the old dying relationship.

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