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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Tips On How to Make a Relationship Work

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Learning how to make a relationship work usually starts with both partners learning to build trust in their relationship. I often get asked for relationship advice from people trying to prevent a relationship break up and the lack of trust in a relationship is usually the biggest cause of problems. With that in mind here are my top five tips:
1 Building trust in a relationship
Learning to trust your partner is my number one tip whenever anyone asks me advice on how to make a relationship work. Lack of trust in a relationship is usually the main cause of relationship break ups. If you have already done something to break your partners trust, it is vital that you talk to them about this. You talk about how you fear losing them after you have broken their trust. Trust can be gained or regained with time and it is the vital ingredient in making a relationship work.
2 Communicate about everything
Communication is another key element in how to make a relationship work. If you want to save your relationship you must be able to talk to your partner openly and honestly about everything. Even though you might think your daily life is boring this does include your day to day activities. You don't have to tell your partner about all the mundane events at the office; try selecting a couple of key moments from your day to talk about.
You must also be able to communicate your problems with your partner as soon as they happen. Bottling problems up rarely resolves them and usually leads to further problems in the long run. Your partner is with you for a reason so make sure you communicate with them. In addition you should be open and understanding when your partner wants to discuss their problems with you.
3 Pay Attention to Your Partner
I heard the following saying a long time ago; "You have one mouth and two ears - use them in that proportion".
One of the best ways to avoid a relationship break up is to pay attention to your partner. Make sure you listen when they tell you things and learn to understand what they like and what they don't like. No matter what commitments or activities your partake in, you most definitely should aim to spend quality time together at least once a week. This can range from a quiet night curled up with a DVD to partaking in an event you both enjoy. Whatever it is; make sure you make the time to do it.
4. Fight For Your Love - Not With Them
In any relationship there are going to be situations where two people do not agree on everything. Fighting in a relationship happens but instead of acting with pig headed stubbornness try to use the opportunity to better understand your partner and why they think like they do. Your partner is an individual.
If you have a fight resolve it and move on.
5 Learn the Benefits of Positive Thinking
I am not going to start preaching about the benefits of positive thinking but it is certainly something you should give some consideration too. And surely it can't hurt to give it a try! Think about the people you work with or socialise with on a daily or weekly basis. Do you enjoy spending time with the negative or positive people?
Instead of saying things like "I haven't got time to do that with you" you could try and say "I will make the time to do it with you"
Used with the other points above, positive thinking can greatly reduce the possibility of a relationship break up.
The key point to remember if you are trying to save a relationship is to learn to build trust.

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