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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things Men Do To Ruin Their Chances With a Woman Before The First Date

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A man sees a woman he likes so he goes in for the kill - only to be rejected by the woman before he really gets to show her why he's worth her time. Unfortunately what he doesn't know is that he made some really big mistakes with this woman that ruined his chances for good.
Here are 5 of the most common  things men do that ruin their chances with women.
1. Look Too Scared
If you are not a master of your own body language then you need to become one! If you send off a vibe of looking scared or unsure then you are sending off a vibe that says she is going to have to make you feel good about yourself, and that's not what she wants to have to do with a new love interest. So check your confidence level and your body language while approaching her. Stand tall, walk with intention, and look confident.
2. Look Too Cocky
Again with the body language! You have to know if you are coming across as an arrogant jerk who is sending the message that you are better than her and she is lucky that you are approaching her at all. This is a huge turn-off and most women will reject you so that they don't have to listen to your cockiness -and to put you in your place. So approach her with confidence but don't act like you are gods gift to her.
3. Check Out Another Woman Before, During, or After You Approach Her.
Chances are she has already noticed you at some point in time and if you have been checking out every woman that passes by then you have blown your chance with her completely.
Or maybe you are approaching her but checking out her friend while you do so. That is a huge mistake that many men make! As soon as you look at her friend you have lost her interest. She wants to know that you are interested in her and not that you have her friend on the back-burner.
If you happen to impress her then she probably will watch you walk away, so don't check out any women as you leave either.
Bottom line: You only have eyes for her when she is around.
4. You Talk About Yourself
If you spend your whole conversation talking about yourself then you will probably ruin your chances with her. She wants to know that you are interested in her, and you can only do that by showing interest in her and her likes or thoughts. So ask her questions about herself and allow her to answer them fully without interrupting her and talking about yourself.
5. Put Yourself Down While You Talk To Her
Just as body language can show your insecurity without you knowing it, your words can do the same. You may not realize that you are making yourself look bad or negative in her eyes but it's a mistake that many men make.
You want to paint yourself in a positive light that she will be attracted to. A woman wants a man who is going to add value to her life. So avoid negative words like can't, shouldn't, or haven't, and focus on positive words that make you look like something she would want to get to know better.

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