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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things to Focus on to Enhance Your Relationship

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You have what you believe is a fairly good relationship but you want the extra zing that makes you feel alive, appreciated and loved in your relationship. What should you do to create that extra oomph in your relationship? What are the things that you can focus on to enhance your relationship?
1. Yourself. You cannot give what you do not have. If you are unhappy in your life or in your body then that unhappiness will flow into your relationship. What is bogging you down in your life and in the use of all your gifts and skills? What things stop you from living your life to the full? You must identify what these things are and find a way to deal with them. Your life doesn't have to be perfect but you can make progressive changes in each area or make peace with what you cannot change.
2. Your words to him. Decide now that you will react courteously to him and you will bite back every nasty or unkind word that you are tempted to unleash on him. This will be hard initially but if you stop contributing to the negativity then you will see a gradual positive change in him; and you will enhance your relationship.
3. Your attitude towards him. Make up your mind that he is your man and that he is worthy of your love, admiration and commitment; and live accordingly. Yes he is not perfect but you must let him know that he is all that you want and need. If he knows that you are always going to be in his corner then he is more likely to change the things that you do not like especially if you do not focus on the negative but on the positives.
4. Your deeds toward him. You need to make him feel your love for him. What actions make him feel loved? Do you know the things that you do that he absolutely loves? It may simply be a loving hug before you go out of the door or a welcome hug when you walk through the door or whatever it is that he appreciates as this will enhance your relationship to no end.
5. Intimacy. This is supposed to be the one thing that you share only with your partner and it needs to be an exciting and fulfilling experience for both of you. Do you know what he enjoys? Is your intimacy as good as it can get or do you have handicaps that prevent great intimacy? Deal with problems in this area as honestly as possible so that you can enhance your relationship.
If you do these 5 things then you will enhance your relationship as you see your partner warm up increasingly toward you.

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