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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Commitment

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While many may like the idea of a relationship, many have a fear of commitment. One of the main reason people fear commitments is their fear of losing their freedom or controls especially those that have been single for a long time.
Perhaps, some may fear that the pressures in making the relationship work may experience being suffocating at some point.
However, this may not be true if you have the correct mindset to handle relationship. You also need to have clarity of your preference. Do you want a good relationship with another or do you prefer to be alone?
If you want a beautiful relationship, don't let that fear interfere instead learn to have the right mindset to handle it.
1. Identify Your Fear
Understand what you are fearful about commitment. What is the cause of the fear of commitment? Only when you can identify them, then you can overcome the issue.
2. Are the reasons for the fear valid?
You may have experienced bad relationships or you have seen others been hurt in relationships?
However, you can learn from these failures, you can learn from them and work out the strategies for a good relationship.
Ask yourself, "What does it takes to make a relationship work?
3. Stay enthusiastic
Use a positive and enthusiastic approach towards your relationship.
Be realistic that there will be differences, do not detest them. Appreciate the differences and focus on the positive and the strength of your partner.
Accept your partner as their entire package, there are strengths and weakness in everyone. If you have not experienced bitterness, you do not know sweetness.
4. Hang out with your partner
Treat your partner as your best friend or a buddy. Include your partner in your social circle. You will not be in a dilemma as to whether you can have your night out. Sharing every aspects of your life with your partner is important.
5. Be honest with each other
Let each other know what you can buy in and what you can't from the start of the relationship. In this way, you will not have to feel suppress or suffocated.
6. Talk about how you spend your money
This may be rather sensitive but it is necessary to let your partner know so as to manage their expectation. This will also allow you to know the type of person he or she is.
7. Establish your objectives
Once beaten twice shy. Some people develop that fear of commitment after a failed relationship. You have invested time, effort and money and you may find that it is hard to trust again.
Do give yourself time to heal and perhaps seek professional help. You can correct the wrong and avoid making the same mistakes.
8. Take your time but give your all
If you want a strong and healthy relationship, you have to be willing to commit 100% of your effort. However, you do not have to rush into it.
Take your time to communicate and know your partner but be willing to give your all. 
It is a big step in dealing with the fear of commitment, it is important that you are willing to take this big step. You allow yourself for your relationship to progress.

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