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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Will I Get Married?

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Who else is wondering whether they'll ever get married? Do the years seem to be passing and you're NOT making progress with picking a partner? Does your life feel complete in just about every way outside of your romantic relationships? The simple truth is, as our lives get more complicated than ever before.... more and more people are pushing back, and postponing marriage until later and later in life.
But the fact remains, most people DO still get married... and if you never have, or have put it off PAST a certain point in your life, the undeniable truth is you are probably growing increasingly self conscious that you're still single! 
Here is a striking fact that you must NOT ignore if you're hopeful... but nowhere close to meeting your soulmate.
According to recent studies, almost 9 out of EVERY 10 women is married by the age of 40. (86%) And 8 out of every 10 men is also likely to find himself married by the time he hits the big FOUR-oh.
The scary thing? If you're one of those who is still hopeful and optimistic BUT has hit that magic number without being tied... your chances of making it happen are going DOWN in a big way, with each passing year..:-) Which means if you want to make it happen, you BETTER get your behind in gear!
Ready for this "crazy" fact
SMART people "say I DO!"-Is it because smarter people are more practical, or more passionate? Who KNOWS...

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