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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Breakthrough Tips You Must Know To Attract a Guy

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Let's face it, not all of us are blessed with perfect  looks, outstanding personalities, or highly successful careers. However, we are all blessed with the capacity and the potential to become much more than we currently are.
That is the leading factor as to why these helpful tips come in handy!
With them you can learn something you may not have thought of, improve on what currently needs work, and even realize what should and should not be avoided at all costs.
Tip #1: Be Conscious of Your Outward Appearance and Physical Actions
Actions really do speak louder than words and sometimes, depending on the actions you portray, you could send either a positive or negative signal to a man, even if he is observing you from across a crowded room.
So be honest and kind with people from the very beginning even if they initially aren't with you.
Why? Because you may have already captured his attention, so whether or not he is ogling you, play it safe and always practice being mindful and improving your character. Use common sense and maturity and things will be so much easier on everyone.
Plus, your appearance can play a large factor as to whether or not you will even be approached. Be sure to maintain your personal health and upkeep until you feel confident enough to meet a man, or perhaps even deal with rejection.
Some claim that the color and style of your clothes help attract certain men.
Although there are no official studies on this, it would make sense that classy-sexy and bright clothing would attract like-minded men, whereas dark and/or clothes that are falling apart will likely attract men of a similar nature.
However, what better way to test that theory than to get out there and experiment!?
Tip #2: Be The Center of Your World
You are single, after all, so focus on what makes you 'you'. Be confident in your abilities to strike an interesting conversation about something that interests you and that can hold his attention.
There is a difference between being confident and then being cocky, however, and some women struggle with both almost as much as some men. *wink.
Cockiness is being so full of yourself that you spout random nonsense (true or not) just to inflate your ego, whereas confidence is actually knowing what you are talking about, humbly of course, and then having the proof to back it up as well.
So point-blank, don't be afraid of being yourself and to speak your mind whilst keeping the proper respect and courtesy toward others.
Another unique way to garner his attention would be the area in which you associate yourself within any given locale.
Tip #3: Tap Into and Use Your Radiant Aura
We all have an aura
The positive energy that seemingly exudes from beneath the skin when we're having a good time and sharing the experience with others.
Make it a priority to enjoy yourself and beam with confidence in everything you do.
This will make you feel damn good about yourself and also help you be more approachable in a given situation.
Plus, when we feel secure about ourselves we are more apt to handle things like stress, humility and uncertainty with better ease and fluidity.
So instead of letting an issue overwhelm you, try to take a breath and deal with it accordingly. For the sake of being embarrassed we might instead turn our shame into humor.
In order to have the ability to laugh at ourselves we must first be able to view the bigger picture, which 9 times out of 10, is the fact that mistakes do happen yet they can be rectified.
Above all, don't forget to smile and enjoy yourself!
A positive attitude and an upbeat outlook on life is a breath of fresh air, so try to relax, have a good time, and watch as so many wonderful opportunities drift into your life because of it.
Show an interest in the world around you and the people who are a part of it and he may just show a real and valid interest in you!
Tip #4: Take The Initiative
So you might feel as though this goes against every 'classic' fiber of your being that tells you it is only appropriate if the man gets in touch first after your date together.
This is just not true in today's day in age.
If you are truly interested in getting to know someone then muster the courage to ask him out.
You would be astounded at how successful this is and at how much your chance of a second encounter with him increases thrice-fold because of a simple invitation.
Make plans with him and follow through, if you are unsure of this refer back to tip #1 where actions speak louder than words. Show him just how much you are interested by sharing in an outside experience rather than gushing over how much you would one day like to.
Don't be afraid to ask for his contact information either so to let him know, without being too obvious, that you are interested. Exchange phone numbers, your e-mail address, or even social network links.
However, there is an alternate method you could choose depending on your personality, comfort level, and plan of attack.
If you would like to build some romantic and sexual tension with him then by all means, wait until he comes to you!
Don't call him right away after your first encounter and don't rush into stalker status by immediately friend requesting him on social networks.
You might risk the possibility that he never gets a hold of you, however in doing so, you also substantially up your odds of him having a real interest and a real attraction towards you if he chooses to pursue.
These 4 tips, if executed properly, definitely will achieve a desired result. Every woman has what it takes to capture the man of her dreams, but not every woman has the know how to do so, don't take this advice for granted, it is more powerful than you think!

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