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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Guaranteed Signs That He Is Not!

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If a man is truly attracted to you, truly loves you, and is willing to commit; then by no means will anyone or anything else convince him otherwise. Nothing would matter to him besides his deeply intimate and personal connection of love that he feels for you on so many levels.
Not age, looks, nationality, religion, wealth, etc.
Not even the peer pressure he might receive from other family, friends or coworkers.
When a man is at this level of the relationship you will certainly know because you will feel the same in return. You will each share an intimate bond that stands strong against negative comments and pessimistic wishes made by others.
Yet, if your man isn't at that stage of the relationship yet then how can you determine whether he is working at 'getting to that stage' or if he is truly not willing to commit?
Below you will discover 10 guaranteed signs that he does not intend on committing to something more long-term and serious with you.
If you can check yes to several of the following traits listed below then perhaps the two of you need to have a conversation, or you need to move on and find someone worth your time and efforts!
1. Is He Reliable?
When he plans a date with you, does he arrive on time or does he always leave you hanging? A man who doesn't follow through with his word doesn't have much else to go off of besides excuses.
Keep a wary eye on him and refuse to put up with being stood up if the behavior continues.
Normally this could indicate a lack of interest or a lacking desire to please you any way that he can, never a good sign.
2. Does He Express His Feelings?
A man worthy of being in a solid relationship is one that is willing to put in the work, and not just the physical work but the emotional work as well. A lot of men avoid expressing their real emotions for fear of portraying a weakness.
If you assure him that all he confides in you is safe, how much you appreciate knowing where he's at in life and how he feels; he may be more receptive by feeling accepted and thus, more willing to communicate.
Open communication is fundamental for any relationship and without it, the two of you may experience some awkward and highly unnecessary emotions that could have otherwise been voiced. 
3. Does He Choose His 'Guy Time' Over You?
Have you had something planned that you've been excited and looking forward too for weeks now? Then when the day gets closer he tells you that he can't make it because he has other plans, or something else he has committed himself too?
Does this happen often?
If so, then he probably isn't interested in a serious relationship, let alone being in a relationship at all for that matter.
4. Does He Ever Seem Sneaky and/or Shady To You?
Yes, men can be just as sneaky and manipulative as some women can be and if you catch him closing his cell phone or his computer browser with a quickness once you enter the room, that should raise some suspicion.
Secrets can riddle a relationship left and right but the real ones to be concerned with are the ones involving infidelity.
Ask him straight out if there is anything you should know and gauge his response.
If he says no then take his word for it until you have evidence to prove otherwise and can nail him on multiple counts of being lied too. If he says yes, well then hey, at least you can appreciate the honesty and then sit down and talk over it so as to discover the reason behind it.
5. Is He Hesitant When Asked Direct Questions?
One of the more simple ways to determine whether your man means what he says is to ask him straight-to-the-point questions, such as: "Do you love me?" or, "How many children might you want to have some day down the road?"
An honest man would consider the question for a moment then give you a genuine answer whether or not the answer appeals to your expectation.
A dishonest man, and one who is not willing to commit, may hesitate, fumble with his words, change the topic, or blatantly lie to your face just to drop the conversation.
6. Do You See Him On a Regular Basis?
Do you hang out with him a sufficient number of hours throughout the week or does he seem to play incognito rather often?
Spending time together is crucial in determining whether the two of you are compatible being together or not. 
7. Does He Avoid Your Messages?
A man who isn't looking for a commitment may avoid your phone calls and email messages. He might pretend as though he never got them when in actuality he deletes them not just from his hard drive but from his memory as well.
Why make an attempt to reach out and form a commitment with this man if he can't even give you the time of day and respect you enough to respond within a reasonable amount of time? 
There you have it; 7 remarkable ways to know if he is ready to commit or if he is just pulling your heartstrings like a puppet master.
Now pay close attention here, this is what you really need to know...
If a man is willing to commit himself to you, there are likely a few major issues that he has to contend with first.
The way that you handle yourself throughout these life-changing events for him will seal the deal on his decision to keep you in his life - or not.

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