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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? Read on....

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What is love at first sight? Love at first sight is referred to the strong level of attraction, that you feel for a person when you see them for the first time. However how far is this theory true? Does love at first sight actually exist, or is it plain infatuation that is misinterpreted as love?
Many individuals claim to have experienced love at first sight. According to them, they felt a sudden and unexpected magnetic attraction towards a particular person, right from the first time they saw them. Later they say that no matter how much they tried, they just could not get the person off their mind. However this theory is rubbished by many others who state that, the first time you meet a person you can get attracted only to their outwardly appearance, and getting attracted to a person only on the basis of their looks can't possibly be love. You might have also heard of incidents when people get attracted to a person when they see them for the first time, but when they talk to them they realize that they have no connection at all.
Can something like that be called love? The answer is no. When you see a person for the first time, on the basic of their looks you tend to derive certain assumptions about that person. It is on the basis of these assumptions that we get attracted to the person. However, not always these assumptions turn out to be right. In fact, most of the time the assumptions that we make when we see a person for the first time, are proven wrong when we get to know them better. It is then that we realize that it was mere attraction. Love is something much more deeper than just a person's outwardly appearance. A person may be the ugliest person you have ever seen, yet you may seem to have fallen in love with them because of the kind of connection that the two of you share. When you are really in love with someone, their looks don't count. Love can happen at the strangest of places and when you least expect it.
The truth is what happens in one glance is infatuation, and often people mistake it to be love. Love takes time. It happens over a period of time. It takes place only once you get to know and understand a person completely.

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