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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How strong? Love and Passion

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Let's get real, that is what is most important in all long term relationships. That is what everyone should be looking for in a new relationship. How do we find it, that can be the hard part. It takes a lot of work from both partners. Are you willing to put in the effort to accomplish this goal? You should be if you are reading this. Are you willing to use all you are to achieve it? Is your love willing to enter into a relationship that will make both of you in love and passionate forever? That is the love you should be looking for and longing for the rest of your life. Not many people find it. Why, because they settle on relationships that they are not comfortable with. They try to find love and passion in the relationship and never find it. They wander from one relationship to another without searching for what they really want and need. Check out the divorce rate. Why is it so high? I think by now you can make a good guess.
Do you cry at a sad ending to a movie or story? Do you cry at a happy ending? That should show you that you have a lot of emotions. You have feelings that need to be shared with another person, a person that you are willing to open up to no matter what. Don't settle on a person you can't share this with or does not care. If you do you will be in the divorce rate. You deserve better. Life is too short. Set goals for what you want in a relationship. You have a lot of love and passion to give and you deserve to have it in return.
This is about what people feel,or what their emotions are in a relationship. Love and passion are feelings and emotions that are beyond words. Look into yourself and feel your emotions at times that your emotions come out. The good emotions are the ones you want to build on. If you have these emotions you have a love to give that is beyond words. And you are deserving of a relationship that will enhance your feelings and emotions. Not a lot of people have these. Consider yourself extremely gifted. It shows people what a wonderful and loving person you are. I bet you never looked at it that way. Don't get depressed about your emotions and feeling. You have something that other people have never and may never know. You have more to give than you may ever receive. you are the type of person that people secretly envy. Look at other people's emotions in trying times. Do they have emotions similar to yours or do they have any emotions. Or maybe they just suppress them or they just don't care. Do they really have love and passion in their lives or do they seem to just wander aimlessly. Just taking life as it comes. You may not feel it but you are one of the most beautiful people in the world. You deserve the love and passion in your life and I pray you find it.

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