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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is He In Love? Check Out These Signs!

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Looking for signs that he is in love? You may have been dating this guy for a while and you are starting to have deeper feelings. How can you know if he is feeling the same thing? This is a tricky situation in many cases because those signs he is in love can be quite similar to someone who is merely possessive. Keep this in mind as you consider the following signs he is in love with you.
Does he seem to want to be with or around you all the time? Is he swinging by after work? When he cannot stand to be away from you this is a definite sign that he is experiencing deep feelings for you. This is especially true if he is a workaholic or never seems to have time for anything other than his career. At this point, he may not know what he is feeling, but as they say actions speak much louder than words.
Have you come to the moment in the relationship that he is taking you to meet the family? For most men this is a definite indication that he is getting serious. Involving you in his family life not only points to the fact that he is thinking about a long future, but that he is willing to open himself up personally. Most people have at least one or two crazy relatives and by introducing you, he is risking rejection. This can be a major step in your relationship.
Is this guy taking the time to really get to know you? Instead of bringing you chocolate, did he procure your favorite book or movie? Perhaps it is a flower you have always longed for or something even more obscure. The fact that he is breaking with the traditional "gifts" and seeking to offer you things that have meaning is a clear sign he is falling in love with you. Most guys do not take the time to understand a woman they have no long-term interest in.
Be Yourself
Has he seen you at your worst and still come back for more? One of the biggest mistakes you see in dating is the temptation to put on a front and not be yourself. This is generally done out of fear and is understandable but a solid loving relationship will withstand bad hair days, swollen eyes from crying and even an angry outburst. Let him see who you truly are and if he comes, back for more you can rest assured the feelings are real.
It is not difficult to know when you are falling in love; it is just one of those things that you know. However, determining if the object of your affection feels the same can be a bit harder. Consider the way he looks at you and particularly the way he does not look at other women anymore. When he is falling in love even beautiful, model type women will pale in comparison, because he loves you.

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