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Monday, June 27, 2011

Pleasing Her Properly( Mature Minds Only )

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Pleasing his woman is a man's mission. However, if the man has come unprepared for such a job, he would find himself in a quagmire of confusion. Women are an interesting lot but they are also hard to please. A man must think of unique and interesting ways to please his woman, or else, she will find someone else who can. This applies not only to the antics a man must do to please a woman outside the privacy of the bedroom, but as well as in the actual performance within the privacy of the bedroom too.
Perhaps the best indicator that a man has please his woman is when she achieves orgasm during lovemaking.  It is a fact that only a handful of women achieve orgasm during coitus. Most of the times, orgasm is achieve by stimulating the clitoris and her G-spot.  Let us not be carried away though by the heat of the moment and jump right into it after tearing off her clothes. That is only done by savages who have not been civilized by times and whose only intent is to satisfy their primal instinct of experiencing pleasure through exploiting a woman's naked body.
Today's men know that satisfying a woman in bed is no small feat. Women nowadays already take active part in lovemaking and want to receive pleasure as well as to give it to their man. That is why a man who wants to make her woman happy must learn the techniques and the little secrets that would please a woman in bed. It is not so much on knowing the techniques but how you employ them to make your woman scream in ecstasy and pleasure that really counts.
Women are different from one another. Some women just only take a soft touch to make them achieve orgasm incredibly. There are also those who can reach multiple orgasms without much effort. Others need a lot of foreplay and stimulation to ejaculate while other women just simply don't know how to achieve orgasm. Well, they might have not been rendered the appropriate stimulation and techniques that is why they have not yet experienced the awesomeness of attaining orgasm.
Women generally need a lot of foreplay for stimulation before she reaches orgasm. That is why men have to bear this in mind when planning to lay a woman. You just don't remove her clothes and go down between her legs outright. You have to make her hot first, ready her for the ultimate orgasm. Just like you heat up your car's engine before it purrs up to its full and smooth energy. Prepare your woman by stimulating her through delectable foreplays. Some women like it rough but most would appreciate a slow and sensual stimulation.
Start the action right with soft, sensual kiss on the lips. Use your tongue to make her open her mouth to you for a French kiss. However, do not make the mistake of shoving your tongue down her throat. Nobody wants to gag with a tongue shoving down your windpipe. Make the movement sensuous and rhythmic; no rash actions that would hurt your woman. The spot behind her ears are very sensitive as well as her nape. Kissing these parts would notch up her heat when done appropriately. Other women get turned on when their backs are kissed sensuously, down to the small of their backs.
You cannot go wrong with soft, feathery kisses on her breasts either. Lightly flicking your tongue on her nipples would send ripples of pleasure through her down to the most private part of her. Again, a man must remember not to mash her breasts too roughly or risk ruining the moment. Trailing kisses down her belly would simply give pleasure to your woman. By this time, she would be panting with anticipation. Heighten the sensation by skipping her mound and focusing on her thighs first.  By now, she would be trying to hold your head down.
Just as she is about to come down to earth from that unearthly orgasm, place your penis against her vagina and slowly enter her. Make the rhythm slow at first to wake up her senses. You can then start pounding her as you get the tempo of her gyration. Pound her relentlessly, varying your movements to stimulate the insides of her vagina as your penis touches its walls and hitting her G-spot again and again until you both achieve orgasm. Do not just remove your penis inside her upon finishing ejaculation. Feel the warmth of the moment by cuddling her a little more, making her feel you inside her and bask on the afterglow of your lovemaking. It would please her if you make her feel special by doing this after your session and not just remove yourself from her outright.

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