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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Secret Of Using Text Messaging To Win His Love Back

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If your man was into you one minute then his feelings for you have seemed to disappear, I know how frustrating that can feel. Do you know that using simple but proven text messages can reignite the spark back into your relationship and have him feeling like a romance addict towards you?
The text messages you can send to create intense attraction in your man isn't any ordinary text messages. They are texts that works on the primal instincts of your man to pursue you which means that he's the one who will be doing all the work instead of you.
In order to create these kinds of messages, you have to key into a man's desire to be visually stimulated. But this isn't really about sexting or sending him dirty text messages. You do this by using the language of romance. You use words that are full of details to make him feel the need to drop everything he's doing to give you his attention.
Your texts must be short but descriptive, the language you use must be full of the ability to grab his curiosity, and it has to make him feel intense attraction for you on a gut level.
And this will work on your man like a magic spell because you are appealing to his desires to want to please you. When you come from this mindset, you understand how powerful text messaging is, since it is a tool that can create the exact feelings and desires in men to want to pursue women.
This works even if you've been together for a while and you've even talked about marriage plans, but the relationship is in a stall somehow. His motivation seemed to have waned. He may have become more distracted by work, hobbies or the everyday drill.
The reason why text messaging can create even more of a seductive power over his mind is because it helps to delay the instant gratification mechanism in his brain so you are training his brain to anticipate pleasure and in doing this he is motivated to work for more of you.
Here's a a way to use text messaging to create magic inside of him. You can say something like: "Imagine I'm right beside you and you can feel my soft breath against your ear as I reach over and whisper what I'm thinking about right now..."
He's obviously going to want to know what you're thinking about and this is how to use text messaging in a playful manner to unlock the passion within your man and make him crave for you over and over again.
This method will unlock explosive passion in your relationship with just a few text messages. With this also, you can turn even the biggest romantic numbskull into "prince charming" just by pushing a few buttons on your cell phone.

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