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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Showing That You Care Can Always Keep Your Love Alive

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As time passes we become more comfortable with our partner. Our relationship becomes more secure and it is natural that we perhaps forget to make as much of an effort as we once did. Some couples can gradually become more like mere friends than lovers. They lose their special intimacy as their lives become more preoccupied with other matters.
But a little effort, regularly invested can keep a relationship alive. The best way to keep your love alive is to show that you care. Here are some of the areas that you can consider in order to achieve that positive result.
- Invest time in your love. Demonstrating that you want to spend time doings things together is important. When we love someone there is no other place we would rather be than in their company. Continuing to show that is still the case makes your partner feel loved and special. Sometimes declining to work overtime or committing time over a weekend to do things together can show your partner that you want to be with them. You regard your relationship as important.
- Invest attention. By committing your full attention when you are with your love they feel important. Often you see some couples in distress where one person feels that they may spend time in each other's company but their partner is always on the phone or showing no interest. Attention makes a person feel special and attractive. Show you care by giving them your full attention. Be interested in each other's day, follow-up on previous conversations, know what is happening in each other's lives.
- Invest gestures. Touching your partner gently as you walk past, linking arms, holding hands, comfortably resting a hand on their leg all show you care and that there is an easy, relaxed energy between you both. When there is tension in a relationship the physical space between two people increases as the love decreases. Enjoying a comfortable physical presence demonstrates a relaxed easiness between you both.
- Invest thought by undertaking little actions that mean a lot. Making the evening meal on time, running them a bath, ironing a shirt for their important meeting the next day are all actions that show you care, love them and are thinking of ways to make their life easier.
- Invest romance by sending an occasional text that says 'I love you' or I'm thinking of you'. Take them out to lunch on a day when the children are at school. Romantic gestures don't have to be expensive or extravagant. It is often the little things that keep your love alive, the little reminders that they are in your thoughts.
- Invest pride in your love. Show them you are proud to introduce them to your friends, family, work colleagues. Letting your partner meet the important people in your life makes a difference to their confidence in you and the relationship.
By nurturing your relationship you take care of the most special friend, ally, supporter and lover in your life. By showing you care in many different ways the other person feels an important part of your life. You reinforce the bond between you both and keep your love alive.
Relationships can so easily be taken for granted. It is often those closest to us whom we forget to value and respect. Over time the relationship can start to struggle. That is why it is very important both partners make every effort to keep the love alive

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