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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Spice Your Relationship With Kindness

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Today the "ME" attitude that exists in relationships is what ruins what could be a long lasting loving relationship. There are couples that choose to separate everything. The best advice would be to do all things together. It's not such a bad attitude to think, "You go down... I go down."
To some the word, 'TOGETHER" is so hard because of the "ME" or "I" attitude. Some are so afraid their mate might know too much about them, what one might have, possess or may have stored up over the years. Again there is that "ME" or "I" attitude. The funny thing is; you can't take it with you when your life expires but you will surely try and hide it while you are here.
There are those who may legitimately have to separate assets due to a mate having certain abuse habits. Let's say even if that is an issue where you may have to monitor accounts and or funds. Do we not help our mates and family? There are spouses that would not pitch in to buy food or let the electricity go off because their mate didn't have, "their half." How does that sound rational or even kind? What happened to we're in this together? How does one turn their back on someone living right in the same house with them? What does it hurt to show an act of kindness to your spouse who may work hard to clean the house, take care of the kids, make sure meals are cooked, etc.
Perhaps your spouse didn't make as much this particular week as anticipated. Why are some so unkind to their spouses and kind to others that they never promised to love and protect? How does a person because they can, take the dignity someone once owned and destroy it?
If you think about it, isn't it harder to think of ways to make someone miserable than to be kind. Would a sane person let their spouse walk alone at night when they own a second vehicle, take the keys because you can? That's insane not kind.
Kindness in the dictionary says goodness and charitable behavior, mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness and concern for others. Ask yourself, do I fit in this description not with others but with the one I promised to love and provide for. People show small random acts of kindness daily to people they don't know. Why is it so hard to do it in your own house?
How does it make you feel when you've done a nice thing for a stranger? Usually it makes you feel good. How much more so should it make you feel to make the one you said you would love til death do you part smile? When one goes home at night isn't it so much better when you know you're going home to a pleasant non confrontational home? It's really not that hard to be considerate and show kindness. Why not try to think of compliments you can give your spouse, and how about giving the compliments with the gift of your wonderful kind smile?

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