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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Watch Out: Couples Breakup For These Reasons

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Despite the varied and multifaceted reasons why couples breakup, there are certain telltale signs that most breakups tend to show just before they happen. A prescient look into some of these reasons might help us avoid some of these pitfalls and save of precious relationships.
With all other reasons taken into this consideration, this is perhaps the major reason why couples breakup. Infidelity is a relationship wrecker to say the least. After a case of infidelity is discovered in a relationship, the element of trust is put under scrutiny and most relationships that survive it may never remain the same.
Relationships are found and built on trust and each partner is exclusively bond together physically. It is therefore often very difficult to forgive, forgot and then learn to trust a partner who has betrayed that trust. This is so often the major reason couples breakup.
It is sad but true that a lot of couples after spending time together come to the awful realisation that they have certain "presumed" irreconcilable compatibility issues.
This is actually a failure on the part of the couple to come to a compromise and realise that though they have their differences of opinion, wants and desires in life, they can still work things out.
Lack of Quality Communication
Relationships basically can never survive without communication as this is the foundation of it. Lack of open and frequent communication between couples about issues that occur in the relationship can easily distress the relationship.
When issues cannot be brought out in the open and discussed with maturity between couples then there will be a situation where over time, anger, resentment, dissatisfaction and hatred will become bottled up by one or both parties.
When there is no quality communication between couples, they shy away from looking at and doing something about problems such as trust, flirting, jealousy, infidelity etc that might be plaguing the relationship. When there is good communication a lot of these seemingly difficult problems can be more easily resolved.
Financial Differences
While infidelity may win the day when it comes to reasons why couples breakup, disagreement over financial issues is nonetheless a front burner among reasons why couples also breakup.
If there are no proper rules and guidelines set at the onset of the relationship or if one of the partners develops a different attitude toward financial obligations regarding earning, saving and spending of money, then that relationship may well be heading for the bottom of the hill.
The use of money as bargaining power in most relationships is very unhealthy and also a contributory factor for a lot of breakup between couples. 
Lack of Appreciation and Attraction
Everyone wants to feel loved, respected, valued and appreciated in their lives and mostly in their relationships. When these little niceties are missing in a relationship, things can get very dreary and irritable.
The loss of attraction may cause reduction in physical desire which can be as a result of shortcomings in either of the couple's neglect of his or her physical fitness. However, each should try to view their partner as a person and not as an object that makes him or her feel good.
Lack of Fun and Spontaneity
When the day-to-day chores and responsibilities necessary in maintaining a home starts increasing, they can easily lead to boredom and can stifle the liveliness out of the relationship. City life and relocation stress has also added more to this problem. Business and professions compete strongly for the time needed to establish strong and loving relationships.
While the excitement in the relationship may start fading gradually, you can help keep things fun by being friends and playmates over again as well as the lovers that you are. It will take some hard work but you can start by trying to challenge each other and plan activities that will encourage you having fun together.
Lack of Commitment
This is an issue which cannot be pushed under the rug because our society is gradually becoming a more selfish one by the day. When we fail to give our relationships the attention and commitment they deserve, we are inadvertently planning for their failure.
Committing to our relationships will involve us making and spending time with one another on a more regular basis. Intentionally do something special, caring or romantic for each other every once in a while.

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