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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Weird But True! How to SAVE Yourself From the Humiliation of a Cheating Spouse

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Why do so many men cheat? Why do men of any age, race, income bracket and even upbringing stray on their wives, girlfriends and significant others? Is it insecurity? Fear of commitment? Intimacy issues? Or maybe there is something hard wired into the biology of being a MAN, that makes cheating a natural extension of being alive?
So do ALL men cheat on their partners?
Absolutely not. According to most studies though... OVER 50% married men will stray at some point during their marriage, and considering more than 50% of marriages end due to infidelity, that number is actually most likely under-reported and much higher.
The REASON most men cheat?
Truthfully, some social scientists believe that men are programmed for variety by nature. That after the urge to "procreate" is satisfied, sexual variety is the next most powerful drive.
Now... I'm going to tell you a secret that MANY men will tell you is crazy, but it's really not:
There are plenty of men who are faithful. And FATE has as much to do with fidelity as physical desire. I believe that the BIGGEST cause of infidelity is actually because most people pick the WRONG partners.
For example, I have very rarely seen "soul-mates" cheat on one another. Two people who you KNOW are meant together... STAY together. (and don't have the desire to get any "action" outside)
I've seen it over and over and yet... OVER again - happy couples who are helplessly  in love, are the lucky few that remain in LOVE  for a lifetime. 
I believe you make your own fate.
You create your own destiny. And in matters of the heart... and spirit, the UNIVERSE has a plan for you. And that plan does NOT include the "pain" of a partner who cheats. I really believe that each of us is given a number of paths to pick from... and throughout our lives, we are challenged, chided and even nudged to choose the right one. Far too many of us, especially WOMEN, choose poorly anyway... and this leads to a smaller life (and love) than we were created to enjoy.
It's up to you though to claim it... and find it and OWN it! (your happiness that is - AND the soulmate you truly deserve!)

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