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Monday, June 13, 2011

Your Low Self Esteem Can Be Overcome By These steps In Your Relationship

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It is a very common problem that many individuals are affected by their low self-esteem. They experience a feeling of worthlessness, inferiority complex, feeling small, incompetence and negativity towards oneself.
When a person is affected by low self-esteem, their belief system will cause the downfall of their life especially in their intimate relationships.
If you find your confidence in your own abilities is low, and hence having a fulfilling relationship can be difficult.
However, elevating or altering your self-esteem is achievable with some efforts and right thinking.
The following are some tips to overcoming your low self-esteem issue.
1. Do Not Self-Blame
Stop blaming yourself for feeling negative. No one wakes up one morning and decides to feel lousy about himself or herself.
Your self-esteem may have been affected by past experiences even those from your childhood experiences. There is no need to revisit the old stories but you need to decide to overcome it.
2. No One Is Perfect
Many people that have issues with low self-esteem tend to be hard on themselves. A fairly small mistake they make and they can beat themselves up.
You have to recognize that making mistakes allows you the opportunities to do it better the next time.
You just get better and better each day. This simple mindset shift will make a big difference to how you feel about yourself.
3. Be A Giver - Be Helpful
One way to overcome low self-esteem is for you to feel valued and worthwhile. Be generous and offer your help to your friends or family members. Perhaps volunteer your time and effort to a charitable organization.
Others will appreciate your help and generosity. This will in turn help you to feel good about yourself.
Accept compliments with grace.
4. Practice Positive Self-talk.
Feed your mind with positive self-talk will bring about positive energy into your life. Use positive affirmation.
It is a great technique to reprogram your subconscious and unconscious mind from negative thinking to positive. When you overwrite the negative with the positive ones, you naturally think positive.
Make it a point to read an inspirational or motivational book every week and associate with positive people.
5. Challenge Yourself - Mental Stimulation
Do not avoid situations that you think you may fail. Being in your comfort zone may make you feel comfortable but you deprive yourself of becoming more confident.
Mental stimulation allows you to feel charged up and energized.
6. Learn, Practice & Grow
Knowledge is key towards confidence and application of knowledge is power.
Go out of your comfort zone and pick up hobbies and learn new stuff to continue your quest towards success. With each you will gain more and more confidence.
Self-confidence doesn't happen overnight but overtime. Continue your quest with these techniques to overcome your lack of self-esteem and before long you will have more confidence than you ever imagined.
You will enjoy a meaningful relationship and success all round.

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