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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boost Your Chances Of A Marriage Proposal

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Let's say that you have found a great guy and are currently in a fulfilling long-term relationship with him. The main issue though is that you want to get married, but he shows no signs of popping the question. So what are the best ways of how to get him to propose?
To help you in this regard, I'm going to share a few great ideas in this article on how to get him to propose that should boost your chances of getting a marriage proposal - sooner rather than later. Here they are:
1. Make yourself the most attractive to him that you can
When a man finds a totally amazing woman, he will want to make sure that there is no chance of either her leaving or another guy snatching her away from him. For women of this quality are incredibly rare, and very difficult to attract because they have so many options with men. If you become this kind of woman by working to make yourself the most attractive that you can be, your man will want to put that ring on your finger as soon as possible. Keep in mind though that when I say you need to be attractive, this does not mean you have to be exceptionally attractive from a physical perspective. Just try to look your best and at the same time embody the following list of more important qualities that guys look for in women: femininity, high self-esteem, confidence, intelligence, a fun nature, and happiness/fulfillment in life.
2. Build a deep emotional connection with him
To build a deep emotional connection with your man, you need to take a chance by making yourself vulnerable and sharing with him your most intimate thoughts, feelings and desires. Also going through the challenges of life together and having to depend on each other will make it hard for him to imagine being with anyone else but you.
3. Make sure that marriage to you is advantageous for him
You have to remember that people do things for their reasons and not yours. You may have a long list of reasons why getting married would be good for you, but he won't necessarily share these with you. As a result you must ensure that he stands to gain out of the deal, or why would he want to marry you?
Part of the problem today is that women fail to realize that men will always visualize the benefits than the loss. You have to create this impression in his mind. How is his life going to get any better after getting married? Not the situation where all he can really see is the cost of the wedding, the loss of his freedom, the risk of getting divorced, and the lost opportunity of maybe being able to find someone better.
However, if you can channel his orientation towards these benefits he will actually see some advantages in doing so. In addition to this, human beings tend to value what they haven't got more than what they actually have got, which is only going to make him want these benefits even more.
4. Try to win over his family and friends
If you become part of your man's family and become friends with his friends, this will make a marriage proposal much more likely. This is because they will work behind the scenes for you, by asking him when he is going marry you etc. There is also subtle pressure on him not to break up with you because he knows that if he did, you would then cease to become a part of their lives - which would disappoint them.
5. Communicate to him your desire for marriage, but don't nag
It is good to communicate to him that you want to get married, otherwise he may just assume that you are not bothered about a piece of paper as long as the two of you are together. But whatever you do, don't nag him about it. This will only create resistance in his mind to the idea of marrying you.

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