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Monday, July 4, 2011

Clear Communication in a Relationship

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Relationships can only be solidly built on clear communication. Frustration presents itself when there is no confidential talk. Everyday we think of things that may concern us and it's so important to be able to communicate that to our mates or partners clearly. Many relationships are destroyed because one or the other cannot clearly communicate.
There are those in a relationship that would welcome to talk things out however their mate would rather not. How can anything be solved without clear communication? If there are issues or something that could be as trouble-free as paying bills, buying clothes, purchasing a car. How would something as simple as this become frustrating; because clear communication is missing?
A relationship consists of two people; if you want your relationship to be successful you must be able to have clear communication with one another. Such simple topics could be easily taken care of by clear communication. Learning to clearly communicate will in reality enhance your relationship and it does work but it takes time and patience.
One of the most frustrating issues in a marriage or any type of relationship is not being able to communicate. If you ask most couples that have had a marriage fail, they will tell you they just stopped talking. Like with anything if you don't use it you loose it. Many misunderstandings are caused by a lack of clear communication.
Couples may go for days hurt and or not speaking only to find out what you thought happened never really happened. Lots of us take things said as a personal attack, or will assume our mates has insinuated one thing when all along it was not that serious to them and they meant something different. However, we took it the wrong way; clear communication would have cleared the situation up instantly. Nearly all of the time what is needed is clear communication and all parties would have a lucid understanding of how both feel. The majority of the time due to a lack of communication something so small turns into something larger and goes somewhere it really shouldn't. Clear communication is so essential to ending and resolving in a very short time misunderstandings.
The bottom line is; you cannot have a relationship without clear communication. Some are not natural communicators. Work on it within your relationship and see how you can have a long and happy relationship with long lasting communication and understanding. Anything worth keeping is worth working for. No one can be successful in any element of life without clear communication. Make your relationship worth it by continuously working on keeping that line of communication open and clear.

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