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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do You Really Know Your Husband?

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In most marriages, it's normally the wives who are expressive. They openly communicate what they want to tell their husbands. For the wives, it's more of emotions that they want to express while the husbands often just want to share information. This passive attitude of men often leads the wives to play the guessing game when it comes to their emotions and their thoughts.
But experts reveal that the passive attitude of husbands does not necessarily mean they ignore their wives' feelings. The truth is, they want their wives to tell them straight what they really want and not be so emotional about it.
As a wife, make sure that you learn what your husband wants to tell you and what they want as well. By being observant, you will soon help yourself in communicating better with your spouse and enjoy a happy relationship moving forward.
Appreciation is important in any relationship. Just like you, your husband wants to be appreciated even by the little acts he does at home to help you with the household chores. Oftentimes, wives complain about their partners failing to say thank you for all the things they do for the family. Husbands feel the same way so do thank your spouse, too, if he helps you with little things to do at home or for your kids.
Men have a lot of things going on in their minds and they don't want to play the guessing game. So tell him exactly your mind to avoid conflicts.
Also when you're upset with your husband, tell him directly instead of making annoying gestures like stomping around, banging the door or sighing loudly. Husbands want to be told straight up what things they did that upset you. Again, men don't have time to guess what you're thinking and feeling so just speak up.
Avoid interrupting or dismissing your husband when he gives you an advice on a problem you're sharing with him. Wives, being the emotional one, often have the habit of venting out their frustrations and disappointments to their husbands but get upset when they are given a piece of advice. Do understand that he is your man and he is part of you. If he is giving you a piece of advice, take it and don't confuse it as a form of criticism.
In terms of spending quality time together, husbands are fine with just the two of you sitting close together without even talking. Although wives don't feel at ease in this kind of situation as they want some conversation happening most of the time, experts point out that silence already feels like closeness to a man. So don't expect to be talking all the time when you're with your partner. You can just watch your favourite TV and hold hands without saying a word to each other.
Knowing your husband on a deeper level takes effort but the rewards will make you happy in the long run.

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