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Monday, July 25, 2011

Female Ejaculation

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For many guys giving a woman a squirting orgasm is a great source of pride. After all, you are giving her an orgasm that she has likely never had before. However it can also be confusing for guys. There are a lot of things that guys don't know about these orgasms. For example is it urine or something else that is ejaculated? Where does the ejaculate come from? Luckily scientists have been researching these questions and come to some interesting conclusions.
Is There Any Difference Between What A Woman Ejaculates and Urine?
There seems to be a strange urban myth going around that when women ejaculate, they ejaculate urine. This is a pretty bizarre thought when you think about it and, unsurprisingly, is not a turn-on for most guys. This was where the scientists and others came in. Using the latest high-tech devices they discovered that the fluid is actually similar to male ejaculate. The compositions weren't exactly the same as male ejaculate, but one thing is for sure, it isn't urine.
This is something that you need to make sure that women know, as many women actually block their own orgasm because they believe that they are about to urinate. Once they understand the difference between their ejaculation and urination, they will be more willing to ejaculate in front of you and this, in turn, leads to them having these orgasms more easily.
What is a Skene's Gland and Where Does the Female Ejaculation Fluid Come From?
The Skene's Gland is probably the most important sensual area that most people don't know about. When you penetrate your girlfriend with your fingers and bring her to squirting orgasm, you are stimulating the Skene's gland and the G-spot. The combination of the motion on these two areas leads to squirting and an orgasm (Or sometimes, one without the other!). The key thing is to get used to her body, as the exact position and sensitivity of the Skene's gland and G-spot vary greatly between women.
The Female Ejaculation Fluid and Her Orgasm
Now that you understand about the squirting orgasm, you should use that knowledge to make the sex better for both you and her. When she knows that her ejaculation isn't urination, it will make it more sexier for her AND for you too. This is the key to having great sex: understanding that amazing sex is about both of you. Once she understands that the squirting orgasm isn't just urination or just an orgasm, she will also know that it is something else, something unique. This will make it far more sexier when you give her a squirting orgasm.
Note, not all women squirt. Some can achieve orgasm but may not squirt.

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