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Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to Have a Great Love Life

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Count the ways to have a great love life. So many and most are pertinent but for me one stands out. Communication. Naturally you want romance, good sex, fun, travel, humor and laughter and let's not forget forgiveness. But talking to each other, real talking, is at the heart of a great love life. Communication ranks number one,
So get acquainted, talk, reach out, kid around, banter and above all talk from the heart as well as from your wit. Sure some small talk is OK but it's the intimate conversations, when you touch emotions and even cry together that bring couples closer together. Sharing painful memories and knowing you have an empathic and loving listener tie the bond of love.
Communication comes in many guises. You don't need them all. If you are a touchy-feely kind of person and you met someone or have someone in your life who loves to touch and feel too you're already ahead of the game. Connecting through touch is a winner for most.
Touching includes physical touching, caressing,, hugs, kissing, holding hands, walking arm in arm and brushing against each other at odd moments and when least expected.
But communication also means getting into the thick of feelings and know when to probe into yourselves and reveal what needs to be known to resolve problems and set a new course. Assessing conflict and arguments and doing everything to find resolution is always positive and often deepens relationships. Anger that is unresolved tends to linger and slowly builds up until even little arguments can start a conflagration.
And don't forget that communication implies not hiding from yourself. You need to listen closely to what your partner says. Even when you don't initially agree with the comments, assessment or evaluation that may be part of a conflict.
Communication also involves special gifts, surprising each other with a card or poem or flowers. These acts are acts of communication.
The hurts and moments of joy, periods of depression and periods of heightened emotions are all shared in good communication. There is a blending of spirits and a sense of togetherness that comes with silent and active communication.
Communication is inclusive and for lovers it is also exclusive.
In brief, communication is a full, composite, intimate and loving interaction between two people. It touches the heart of love and the essence of what a great love relationship is all about. The result is a satisfying love relationship that will always transcend hardships and period of strife and personal difficulties of each partner.
Reaching the highest levels of love, intimacy, communication and sharing come from the building of understanding and trust. 

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