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Monday, July 18, 2011

How To Make A Woman Orgasm( Mature Minds Only)

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Female orgasm remains a mystery to many people to this very day. Each and every woman's desires and what brings her to orgasm are unique and individual. Some women prefer vigorous and intense sex, while others enjoy slower and more sensual lovemaking. Some women enjoy having their g-spots massaged, others prefer clitoral stimulation. There are infinite sexual preferences as there are people in the world. With that in mind, the following 6 steps were compiled in a way that they can be applied to any sexual routine.
1. Curiosity: Female orgasm starts with your own genuine curiosity about your woman's desires and what pleases her sexually. Forget what you've seen in the movies and instead, learn to connect with her.  Listen carefully and pay close attention to what her body language reveals to you. Watch for signs of her eyes dilating, flushing, changes in her breathing. You really need to become observant of the subtle signals that sometimes reveal more about what she desires, than she'll let you in on.
2. Trust: Women are emotional by nature and will often make love to feel a closer intimacy with their partner. For a woman to have an orgasm, she needs to be able to trust her partner and herself enough to allow her orgasm to come through. And she needs to feel deeply connected in a way that will allow her to let go fully and surrender to the moment. Building trust can be tricky, because she might have been hurt by people she was close to in the past. Remember that consistency in your actions and words, leadership and your compassion are key components to helping build a foundation of trust in your relationship with a woman.
3. Build Sexual Excitement: Imagine a woman's nature as being cat-like. If you reach for a cat forcefully, it will scamper. But sit back and tease it a little while pulling a string and the cat will soon be purring, rubbing up against your leg and jumping into your lap. You want to use the same principle when you are building sexual excitement in women. The female orgasm starts in the mind, so tease, tantalize and stimulate her imagination in a way that awakens her desire to come to you. Brush up erotically against her, whisper sexy words in her ear, send her titillating text messages etc. Become curious about your woman's sexual desires .
4. Relaxation: Studies reveal that the key to female orgasm and arousal, seems to be deep relaxation and a lack of anxiety, with direct sensory input from the genitals playing a less critical role. Meditation, hypnosis, massage are all excellent tools to prepare a woman's mind and body for an exciting sexual experience.
5. Tantalize Her: The skin is the largest sex organ and by tantalizing her senses, especially her sense of touch, you will have her quivering and shaking with ecstasy in no time. 
6. Breathing: Do you ever notice how when a woman is approaching orgasm, her body suddenly goes rigid and she stops breathing momentarily? The truth is, women tend to have more intense and satisfying orgasms when they breathe deeply. 

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