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Friday, July 1, 2011

Is It Love? Find Out

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Nothing is more beautiful in life than to love and be loved. It is a gift from the stars above, a wonder that everyone should explore, cherish, and never take for granted. It is the best feeling in the world. You feel like you are floating on clouds in the sky, and swear to yourself that you could move mountains if you had to. Love is the best high anyone can experience, but how do you know when it is real love?
1. You Can Be Yourself
You know you are in love when you do not have to lose yourself for the other person. You can feel comfortable and confident about everything you value and believe in, knowing that the one you love will always support these same values and beliefs. After all, being able to share your passions with another involves a deep soul connection, an unconditional bond. Someone who cares for you and loves you will never ask you to be anyone but yourself. They will love you for who and what you are no matter what.
2. You Feel Electric
Your whole entire being has more power than you had before you met your special someone. You feel the electricity when you look into your partner's eyes. You feel the sparks when you kiss. You feel the bliss in his or her touch. You wake up in the morning knowing that your soul is happy and your heart is content. It is a power called love power, and baby there is no turning back! Embrace it, enjoy it, and electrify!
3. You are Spiritually Connected
Being in a relationship is one of the most challenging situations we could ever put ourselves into. That is why it is important to not conform to society's rules about being in a relationship. You must decide when your heart and soul is ready, and you will know when this time comes when you can form a spiritual bond with another person. It is the most uplifting and beautiful experience, to be able to learn and grow with someone you care for and love deeply.
When you meet that special someone, your better half, always remember that the journey will have its difficult moments no matter how much you love each other. It is what you learn from these moments and how you grow as a couple that really matters. Along with difficult moments will be breathtaking ones, so cherish the love you have.

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