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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learn How to Keep A Guy Interested

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A major concern of many women who are currently in fulfilling relationships is how to keep a guy interested over the long haul. How can you keep your man happy, committed to staying in the relationship, and in a state of serious consideration regarding upgrading to marriage? And if the two of you are already married, how do you keep alive the spark in the relationship so that cheating and divorce are the furthest things from his mind?
These are both very difficult and involved questions, and it would take a whole book to come up with a complete answer to each of them. However, in this article I am going to present you with a list of quick-fire suggestions on how to keep a guy interested, so that you at least have a good place to start. Here they are:
1. Continue being the same person that he fell in love with
He fell in love with the person you were when he met you. By all means make improvements so that you become a better version of that person over time. But don't slip back as though you were only acting a role to get him. To give an example, if you were an interesting, fun and generally happy person when he met you, don't become boring, angry or sad. The moral of the story is the following: don't change!
2. Try to look your best physically: don't let yourself slip through laziness
While a man is not expecting you to look 23 when you are 42, he does still expect you to make an effort to look your best for him. You need to attract him every single day - not just until he commits to you. However, a lot of women make the mistake of going into low-maintenance mode once they feel secure in the relationship.
3. Take responsibility for your own emotional well-being
It is not a man's responsibility to make you happy and feel good about yourself. But if you try to make him responsible for these sorts of things, you will gradually push him away through being emotionally needy.
4. Don't dump your frustrations on him
Related to the above point, you must not dump your frustrations in life on your man. For example, let's say you've had a terrible day at work and come home really angry because of it. If you then take this anger out on him because of something really minor like him forgetting to put the toilet seat down, he is going to both physically and emotionally withdraw from you because you are unsafe to be around.
5. Try to keep adding value to his life and building him up
Help your man achieve his dreams by being his greatest supporter and unconditionally backing him to follow his callings. Also, try to do what you can practically to make his life better. When you do these things for a quality man, he will reward you many times over.
6. Give him space
Make sure that you give your man some space in the relationship through spending time with his buddies and on his personal hobbies. 
7. Let him serve you
Men typically like taking care of the special woman in their life and those closest to them. Give your man the opportunity to do this for you. 
8. Make him feel needed
Being needed is something that helps a man to feel masculine and good about himself.
9. Appreciate him for who he is and the things he does for you
Appreciation is one of the biggest things men desire from a woman. And when it is absent, a man will withdraw from the woman physically and emotionally. In point 7 above, I told you to let him serve you. But you must always show your sincere appreciation and never take this for granted.
10. Build a strong emotional connection with him
Spending quality time together and the sharing of life's highs and lows are keys to this. Let his love for you grow stronger over time.
11. Stay feminine
It is a fact that masculine men are attracted to feminine women. So you must never lose the fun, free and trusting little girl that is inside you, otherwise your man will lose interest in you. Sadly, most women gradually become more masculine over time, as a result of the pressures of life (eg. career, family, and finance). For instance, women often become take-charge, aggressive and competitive, which are all highly masculine qualities.
12. Continue to have sex with him
It is important that you keep your man sexually satisfied, by maintaining your availability to him and not rejecting his advances often. For if he is not happy in this regard, he may start to look in other places to get his need for sexual intimacy met. Yes, when you have been married a while and life is very hectic you can lack motivation in this area. But you must still make the effort.

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