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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Men Show Their Love Through Actions

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A man who really loves you will tell you that he loves you and he will also show it. A man who says that he loves you but whose actions do not love you is probably stringing you along. But how can you know that a man loves you with his actions. What are the ways that men show their love through actions?
I. He loves you with his time. Men show love by the way they use their time. A man who loves you will make the effort to spend time with you and it will be premium time and not left-over time.
a. Left-over time is time when he has nothing else to do after he has done all the things that are important to him. Left-over time is thus time when he is looking to get a need met after he has spent himself with everything and everyone that he has prioritized above you. He will meet with you only when it is convenient for him and thus he will only call when he is bored or when he has nothing better to do. He will be unavailable to you when you need him since you are low on his priorities. Does your man only spend time with you when he has nothing better to do? 
b. Premium time is time when he is not exhausted from other activities and it is time where he gives up other things or people for you. He has prioritized you in his life and so you can rely on him. He is available when he promises and he calls when he says he will call. You can tell that he has given up other things and people to spend time with you. If he gives you premium time then he loves you.
II. He loves you with his strength. Men show love using their strength and what they do with their strength and energy. In today's society most men spend their strength and energy earning money. Remember the saying 'where a man's heart is where his treasure lies'? 
III. He loves you with his mind. A man who loves you will love you intelligently. He will think through what you say to him and he will use his creativity to show you that he loves you. He will do thoughtful things for you and he will love you creatively. He will put thought into the things he does for you and in what he says to you. What he does for you or say may sometimes be inappropriate but that may be a result of his socialization and not his lack of love for you. Try and understand whether he loves you with his mind but is limited by his socialization so that you don't misunderstand him.
Men show their love through all that they are and have. Does he love you in the 3 key ways? If he does then rest easy as he really loves you. He may not love you well in all three areas but if you notice that he is making an effort then find a way to gently guide him in the right direction so that you both reap the maximum benefits from each other.

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