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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Obvious Reasons For Saving Your Marriage

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The first guidelines for marriage were when God commanded man to "cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh" making marriage the first and most enduring social contract. Cohabitation, single parenthood and divorce are all now common alternatives to marriage and the legal system now promotes these alternative and diverse family structures. The obvious victims of this age-old but much weakened institution are children but there are other victims. The lives of marriage partners who separate deteriorate significantly on several fronts and the degradation suffered by society is immense. A closer look will show you that every marriage undergoes difficulties and to know also that marriage is not for everybody. Not for one second do I suggest that some men and women stay in abusive and oppressive marriages for the sake of keeping up appearances but I defiantly advocate that you make it your business to make your marriage work for your own sake, for the sake of your children and for the sake of the rest of us. Start now as I outline just 5 obvious reasons for saving your marriage.
1. Health and Happiness
Marriage provides you and your mate the benefit of companionship, burden sharing, children and much more. There are mental health benefits as well. You will thrive and be less susceptible to depression, anxiety and phobias. The tables turn when you and your partner separate and divorce... and the cost? It will cost you your life - years of it. From a totally selfish point of view, keep your marriage happy and healthy and work on saving your marriage if you have difficulties.
2. For The Children
Today, many families are failing. Research shows that when a mother and father go their separate ways, the scars rip slowly and deeply through the hearts and minds of innocent children. Whether you or your spouse decide to call it quits, both of you are responsible for foisting your children into a frightening list of potentially drastic outcomes which will likely replay themselves over generations to come.  It must be crushing to realise that your parents won't live with each other anymore. In your child's innocent eyes, you and your spouse are ideally suited. Why would you want to heap so much disadvantage and pain upon them? For your children, grandchildren and great grand children stick with it. When you look at how your kids have turned out In years to come you'll clap yourself on the back and acknowledge that saving your marriage was the best thing you ever did.
3. Regular Sex
We are sexual beings and we will seek to gratify this powerful urge one way or another. It is probably the most powerful force within us but if we don't control it, it can rage like a forest fire. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible encourages us to enjoy a satisfying and joyful sexual experience, within the confines of marriage. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that sex within marriage has to be dull, dowdy or for procreation use only. You shouldn't be out-of-bounds for one another for prolonged periods. Regular, exciting sex, free of guilt is probably the most exciting, enjoyable and intimate things about marriage and it sure must be one heck of an obvious reason for saving your marriage. Please... stay together.
4. Financial Reasons
Common sense tells you that two people living together intimately can share a lot of things. They save money as a result. Very often there are two incomes coming into the house with a substantial surplus which can be saved. Marriage grows the extended family who can help each other out, give a leg up now and again and pass useful information along. A happily married couple will have goals and dreams they will want to achieve together and they'll get excited about the prospect of realising these things together. Single and divorced people simply don't have anybody to be accountable to and consequently don't achieve as much.
5. Society Benefits
Surveys reveal that children and adolescents living with both biological parents are less likely to commit crimes such as theft, criminal damage to property, assault, house breaking, statuary rape and other social vices than kids of a fragmented marriage. Married men are likely to give a wide berth to anti-social and unhealthy behaviour, passing benefits on to their children.

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