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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reasons and Advice on How to Avoid Getting Hurt in Future

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 What can I do  to stay open and trusting to men?" You need to know these two reasons why a woman keeps getting hurt by guys...
The first reason has a lot to do with the way a woman handles her own thoughts and feelings. Did you know that we are all responsible for own feelings? Think about it... Just like how no one can force you to feel happy if you don't, so no one can force you to feel sad too. And until you decide to take responsibility for your own feelings, you will always be giving your personal power away to other people.
You will never find true happiness if you expect it to come from outside of you. Worse still, even a mature, good guy will run away from you (no matter how attracted he felt to you in the beginning) - because he knows that he can't possibly solve all your emotional problems for you. And most of all, guys hate it when a woman blames her feelings on him. It makes him feel like a failure when you are not happy.
The second reason why a woman keeps getting hurt by a guy is because she hasn't yet learned how to set her own expectations, and then communicate them clearly to a guy, in a way that he can understand. 
Guys don't automatically understand how to make a woman happy - because he doesn't think like a woman. So if you assume that he has the magical ability to read your mind, you are setting yourself up to get disappointed and hurt by him a lot. What you need to do instead, is to communicate directly and clearly to him what you want. But you need to do it in assertive way that doesn't make you come across as an overly-emotional and pushy woman to him

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