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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steps To Keeping a Woman Happy In A Relationship

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There is a lot of misconception out there on what women really want, and most men really have no clue, so they wind up upsetting or angering their special lady and then wonder why. I can help you avoid this with 10 simple steps to keeping a woman happy.
1. Always be yourself no matter what! - Trust me, women don't want to fall for a guy, only to find out later on that they aren't really that person, and trust me, eventually the truth will come out. If you don't think that you are good enough for a certain woman, then maybe you shouldn't be with her in the first place. Why are you feeling like you have to lie in the first place? Believe me, you want to show her who you really are so that not only will the relationship be built on trust and honesty, but also she will feel more comfortable around you because you are being true to yourself.
2. Always do the little things that you don't think will really matter - A LOT of men some how always screw this up. They think that they will be looked at as unmanly, or that she won't even care in the first place, so why bother. Well do bother, because we do notice! Women notice everything, and love to see that their man is doing something that they consider to be a huge deal, even if it doesn't seem that way to you. She will see that you put her above others, because you are going out of your way to do something special, what ever small that maybe.
3. Appreciate her - This ties into number two above. Both women and men want to know that they are appreciated in the relationship. If she does something for you, no matter if it is an everyday thing or a small insignificant thing, show her that you appreciate her for doing it. This will build up her self esteem and want she'll want to do more for you.
4. Always keep your eyes to yourself! - I know some women say they don't mind their man looking at other women, but trust me, it is always a disaster waiting to happen, whether today or down the road. Even if you don't mean any harm by looking, women still think it means that you are comparing them to the other woman and that makes them very insecure about themselves.
5. Getting her to laugh is a plus! - Women list sense of humor at the top of their lists. They want someone that can make them feel good, and laughing is definitely the key to feeling good!
6. Try to seek common interests - Whether you got together because of a hobby or interest, make sure that you still look at what she loves and find more to have in common with her. This will open her up more to want to seek out your interests as well.
7. Keep up the grooming - After you've been together with someone for any length of time, it is easy to let things go down hill a bit. Stop! Don't do that! It kills the romance in the relationship, and she will be thinking that you have stopped caring as much for her as you once did. So keep a clean shaving, and take an interest in the latest fashion - even if its to ask her what looks good.
8. Be able to get along with her family and friends - I can not stress how important this is to a woman. When they find someone that they really care about and are willing to bring them around their friends and family members, the last thing they want is for them to not like you. It will hurt the relationship without a doubt, and add unneeded stress. So act your best, be polite, and make an attempt to impress them.
9. Be considerate of her feelings - So many guys fall short in this category, and I know it's not necessarily your fault since men are wired differently than women, but try your best to notice her feelings. 
10. Lastly, be open to new things - After being with someone for awhile, it is easy to get into a routine, and this is another romance killer. So keep it fresh, surprise her with a dinner date to a new restaurant and show up with flowers. You will gain huge points for keeping the relationship alive, and create new memories at the same time.

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