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Friday, July 8, 2011

Strengthen Your Marriage And Avoid Divorce

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It's very telling that some of today's top selling affiliate products are products such as "The Magic of Making Up" and "Get your ex back". "Save my marriage" is a hugely searched keyword and the sad fact is that often too late once couples realise their relationship is in trouble or they need relationship advice.
A successful relationship is a journey, not an event.
Whether you are dating, a stable couple or long-term married it's important to think of your relationship as a work in progress, and not something to take for granted. We all have busy lives and a host of demands on our time and energy. Make it a goal to prioritise your romantic relationship. Of course this relationship will change and mature over time but never lose sight of how important it is.
That is easier said than done, so how do you keep the flame alive and keep that special person close to you and continue to strengthen the bond between you. Here are a few pointers:
Keep the fun in the relationship. Remember why you got together in the first place. Send an affectionate lunchtime text or phone to arrange a date with each other. Plan a pleasant evening at home, set the table and have a special meal. Take a shower and dress up for each other. Think back to the effort you made when you were dating and try to
Cultivate shared interests.  Find something that you enjoy doing together. Or take up riding lessons, have a date night at your local  restaurant, or learn to tango. The goal is to spend quality time together doing something you both enjoy. This is important in keeping things interesting and injecting new life into your relationship.
Make time to talk openly with each other to keep building the strong bond you have and hug often to maintain the intimacy you both crave. You might not have time for full blown love making but a hug a day will keep the divorce solicitors away.
Life is too short to suffer through sadness, loneliness and sorrow but you must work on your marriage as you would a business. The minute you get complacent and lose the drive to keep the momentum going things will start to go stale and you risk drifting apart.
That sounds dramatic, and hard work to maintain, but it's the small subtle things that make all the difference.
If you want to save and nurture your marriage you must learn to be a good partner. You must listen to your partner and understand them. Try to understand what they feel and why they feel that way.
Every day you must show your partner you care about them and that you want to be the person who can make them happy. Show them you care and that your relationship together is of highest importance to you. Make sure you understand how they feel about the relationship.
If you feel your marriage or relationship is in trouble, the best way to save it is for you to work together, communicate openly and try to overcome the difficulties together. By working together you can rebuild the love and trust you once had for one another.
Focus on the future
One of the best ways of saving or strengthening a marriage is to work together and develop long-term plans with your partner. Make plans to spend some time away together, or enjoy an evening sunset at a good picnic spot. Create a "fun" list of things you'd like to do together, places to go and romantic or special places to go for special occasions. Make it a goal that if you get a bonus at work or close a big deal you will treat your partner to an evening at one of your special places, or a spa or hotel break.
Remember that you are the best gift you can give your partner. So spend quality time together on a regular basis. Don't spend money or lavish presents when it's your love and attention that's needed. During your time together, talk about things that are important to your partner - NOT what is important to you. And during those conversations, listen to what they have to say.
Bring flowers or a funny card from time to time. While this is an important way of showing your love for your partner, don't give flowers or a gift when you feel guilty or to compensate for neglect.
Support your partner in everything they attempt. Remember that, just like you, they also have dreams and ambitions. Assist your partner in striving to reach them.
Treat your partner like royalty, because they are the most important person in your life.
By showing, rather than just telling, your partner that you love them, you will continuously be strengthening the bond between you. And that is what true love is about.
For a relationship to be successful, it has to be proactive, it has to be growing!

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