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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things Every Woman Looks for in a Man

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What if a man knows what a woman is looking for? Women are intuitive beings. They are often more thoughtful and patient than men. Every woman has a particular set of qualities she is looking for in a man. Here are five of them.
1. Every woman is looking for a man, not a boy
There are differences between a man and a boy. Chronology does not make a man, it is maturity that does. There can be a forty-year old boy and an eighteen year-old man. It is about maturity and responsibility. Broken voice, growing beards and great heights do not translate into manhood. Manhood is proven by responsibility and ability to delay gratification.
2. Every woman is looking for a faithful man
In an age where adulterous flings and infidelity is becoming the norm, every woman is looking for a man who will respect the marriage covenant and not desecrate it.
3. Every woman is looking for a protector
Ideally, a man should be the protector of his wife and that is what every woman is looking for. A man who gets angry easily, throws tantrums, and hits his wife is not protecting his wife but taking advantage of her. Every woman needs a shoulder to lean on, an assuring male figure to look up to and a competent man who is caring.
4. Every woman is looking for a provider
No woman wants to get married and then find herself in an impoverished situation. A woman is a multiplier, all she needs are resources. If you give a woman a house, she will give you a home. Give her ingredients and she will give back a pot of stew. Give her spermatozoa and she will give you a baby. Most of the time, she needs financial provision to fulfill her heart desire and make things easy for her. Once a woman is assured of provision, she is also assured of a better future together with the man.
5. Every woman is looking for care, attention and understanding
These are perhaps some of the most important qualities a woman is looking for in a man. There is nothing a woman cherishes like a listening ear. Every woman is looking for a man who will listen to her with empathy. Every woman wants a man who is involved in what is going on in her mind. Every woman wants care and attention. Psychologist have concluded that a woman who is not constantly touched will have her lifespan reduced.
When a man knows what every woman is looking for, he will better prepare himself and make necessary adjustments as marriage and commitment approach.

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