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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Things That Men Cannot Resist In A Woman

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1. A Woman Who Smiles
A woman who smiles will give a man the impression that she can be approached. Many women are very cautious about giving "the approach signal" to a man because of a fear of the unknown. Therefore it is far easier to portray a neutral expression as a first line of defence.
However, this can give a man the impression that a woman can be standoffish or cold, which could in reality be totally the wrong signal, but on a first meeting, how is a man to know this?
2. A Woman Who Has That Feminine Look
Men are very visual in their attitudes and approach. However, they are not always good at what they see. They often give the impression that they only notice perfect, beautiful or sexy looking women, when in reality this is often just a male fantasy.
It is best to forget about perfection and consider personality and your own individual look. Dressing more femininely requires paying special attention to choosing the correct clothes styles to enhance your figure shape. Also select the best clothing colours to match your complexion.
3. A Woman Who Listens With Her Eyes As Well As Her Ears
Men often resign themselves to the fact that women don't want to listen to what they have to say. They presume that the majority of women want to do all the talking, and if they do listen, they are only thinking about what they are going to say next.
Therefore a man can be pleasantly surprised if he meets a woman, who expresses a genuine interest in what he has to say, and expresses this interest with her eyes (by looking directly at him) as well as her ears. And if she doesn't dominate the conversation, then this will intrigue him all the more, and make him want to get to know her better.
This listening skill can demonstrate a genuine interest in a man, which makes him feel better about himself when in a female's company.

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